Honda Drive Every Drop Online

Drive Every Drop, today’s site of the day, is an invitation to connect with Honda’s sponsorship of a road trip across Asia. Three journeys, from Delhi to Mumbai, from Kuala Lumpur to Singapore, from Sydney to Tasmania, are supplemented by a set of TV commercials and print advertisements, along with an interactive informative introduction to the technology behind the i-VTEC engine.

Honda Drive Every Drop site

The idea behind the Drive Every Drop campaign is to get people to think about fuel used on journeys drop by drop rather than gallon by gallon, and to consider the environmental benefits of the i-VTEC engine, which is designed to get the most out of every drop of fuel.

Road Trips invites viewers to participate in a real road trip across Asia Oceania in a lineup of Honda vehicles powered by the i-VTEC engine. Users who join the road trip virtually are able to ‘sponsor’ the journey and define the route by donating drops of fuel that power Honda’s trip through India, Malaysia and finally Australia. This road trip is documented in an ongoing series of short films hosted by Allan Wu of The Amazing Race Asia fame, that can be viewed on the website, as well as in the Drive Every Drop YouTube channel. The Australia road trip is still ongoing, with six episodes still to look forward to.

So far there are 10 videos for the trip from Delhi to Mumbai, 10 videos for the trip from Kuala Lumpur to Singapore, and 4 videos for the trip from Sydney to Tasmania. In this video, based in Melbourne, Allan Wu meets Geoff Heard, a man who has created gardens on walls. The process uses fytofoam, a biodegradable, lightweight material that absorbs water and serves as a bed to the plants.

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TV Ads

A series of television commercials presents the Drive Every Drop concept. This first one is part of the overall design of the Drive Every Drop site.

“What if every drop of fuel counted? We’ve created the i-VTEC engine to make that happen. So you could spend your fuel drop by drop and go much further than before. And by reducing waste you’d make the world a lot happier. So driving could be simple again: just you and a road, drop by drop. What a change. Makes you want to go on the road again. Want to join us?”

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Animation for this video and the rest of the site was developed at B-Reel and Mad Crew, Stockholm. Music by Plan8, Stockholm.

Drive Every Drop Globe

A drop of fuel morphs into a globe featuring the Drive Every Drop journey.

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Developed at Wieden + Kennedy London by creative director Pablo Marques, agency producer Lucy Russell.

Animation was developed at National Television via Not To Scale, by executive producer Jared Libitsky and Dan O’Rourke, producer Craig Houchin, director/designer Chris Dooley, technical director/3D animator Kevin Walker, 3D animators Hai Ho, Jose Ortiz, Hansoo Im, John Nguyen, 3D animator/2D compositor Wonhee Lee.

Music and sound design were produced at Hear No Evil, London, composed by Mike Lindsay from Tunng, and produced by Sam Read.

Fuel Efficiency – Drive Every Drop

The i-VTEC engine is the result of years of research and experimentation, following the dream of developing an engine that consumed less while keeping the power that Honda engines are known for. It is an intelligent VTEC system that switches the valve timing for maximum efficiency during startup and acceleration to achieve powerful performance, then delays intake valve closure timing during cruising and other low-load conditions for improved fuel economy.

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The campaign was developed at W+K London and W+K Tokyo by creative directors Sumiko Sato and Hiroshi Yonemura, art directors/copywriters Michael Russoff and Caroline Pay.

Filming was shot by Jake Scott via RSA Films, London. Editor was Adam Rudd at Final Cut, London. Post production was done at The Moving Picture Company, London. Audio post production was done at Wave Studios, London.