Honda CRV Sleek Smooth Evolution

Honda New Zealand called on Auckland agency Sugar Advertising to promote the CRV as the end result of evolution in sleek smooth design. The end result was a pair of print advertisements comparing the 4WD vehicle with highly evolved creatures of prey, the shark and the cheetah. Both are shown in boxy form, reminding us that their high levels of effectiveness are linked with being sleek and smooth, just like the new CRV model.

Honda CRV Shark print advertisement

“Evolution didn’t spend 400 million years perfecting the square. Sleek, smooth, the way nature intended it. By thinking outside the traditional 4WD box, Honda has created the new 2007 CRV with a striking streamlined exterior, intelligent interior and sophisticated style. It’s low centre of gravity means the CRV is perfectly poised for superior handling to pursue its prey, be it bach, beach or boulevard. Place yourself in the driver’s seat to fully understand how far a 4WD can evolve. Call 0800 255 666 or visit to book a no obligation test drive.”

Honda CRV Shark print advertisement


The Sleek Smooth Evolution campaign was developed at Sugar Advertising, Auckland, by creative director Andrew Sims, art director Janelle Olsen, copywriter Wendy Brockman and Mike Babich. Photography by Darryl Torckler (ocean) and Urs Buhlman (plains) was retouched at Electric Art.

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