Honda Civic Trip of Lights

Honda in Spain has commissioned a visual treat with this television commercial, a cinematographic masterpiece set in the streets of New York City at night.

Honda Civic in Trip of Lights TV commercial

An electronic music track plays as we’re shown the view of the city from inside a Honda Civic.

Click on the image below to play the video in YouTube


Cars was developed at Villar Rosàs, Barcelona, Spain, by creative director Fernando Codina and Oriol Villar, art director Enric Soldevila, copywriter Uning, and agency producer Toni Moreno.

Filming was shot by director Nacho Gayán via Agosto, Barcelona, with director of photography Manel Ruiz, using a HD Genesis camera from Panavision.

Post-production was done by Sergi Roda at Infinia. Sound was designed at La Crèm. Music was composed by Ramon Martinez.

  • mark brisbane

    Is Honda Civic really as good as the hype ?
    Recently went out looking to buy a new car in the 2 litre class. I wasn’t sure what to get, so i visited the local car dealers, Went to Mazda, Ford and Honda.
    Found the Mazda 3 and Honda Civic to be the better of the 3 cars. Not wanting to sign anything on the day, i test drove all three.
    The Mazda 3 drove like a sports car, very good handling and power for a 2 litre car. the interior was very stylish , I was impressed. the 2 litre market has come a long way in the last 20 years. naturally the salesman wanted a signed contract on the day but was happy for me to not sign as well, No pressure from Mazda.

    Next was Ford, the most friendly of the 3 dealers, but
    the Focus wasn’t up to scratch compared to the Mazda, a pity really, i’m actually fond of fords

    Then Honda. Looking back, this truned out to be the worst experience i’ve ever had buying a car.
    The Civic was ok , but not exceptional considering the reputaion of Honda. The sales staff were not shy to use pressure tactics to get you to sign on the day. And stupid me , i signed. Tried to cancel the contract next day and the ruthless business culture you here about car salesmen came out.

    Word to the wise, NEVER sign on the day. No matter what promises they make or include on the contract.

    I actually complained to Honda by email, but have not spoken to anyone to date.

    So, Is Honda Civic really as good as the hype , Sadly its ok but not great. and the maintence cost are high. Your first service starts at 1000 Kms , then ever 10,000k or 6 months. Most cars today are 15,000.

    So should you buy Honda, well that’s your decision. But as i tell people, if your thinking of Honda, Buy Mazda