Honda Accord Whoosh Flying in Australia

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? Is it Superman? Is it a Honda Accord Euro driver who forgot to put his seatbelt on? None of the above. It’s a driver of the all-new Honda Accord Euro who is so enjoying the precision engineering that he feels he’s flying through the countryside. But at some point the flight must end…

Honda driver flies over the road


The Flying Honda ad was developed at DraftFCB, Melbourne, by creative director/art director/copywriter Scott Lambert, art directors/copywriters Evan Roberts, Mick Bakos, Matt Garbutt, agency producer Karina Wright.

Filming was shot by director Steve Rogers via Revolver Film, Sydney, with director of photography Mandy Walker and Garry Phillips, executive producer Michael Ritchie, producer Georgina Wilson.

Editor was Bernard Garry at Bernard Garry at The Editors. Post production was done at Fin Design and Bean Colour. Sound was mixed at Risk Sound by Paul Baxter.

Original music was composed by Johnny Green at Nylon Studios and produced by Mark Beckhaus and Karla Henwood.

  • Sonja

    could you please let me know the location that this commercial was shot

  • Ginia

    I have the same question – looks like between Castlemaine and Ballarat somewhere!

  • Amy

    I also would like to know where it was shot. I think it looks like somewhere between Harden and Young in NSW.

  • Teagan

    The commercial was shot at and near Blayney NSW. Where the gentleman flies through the tunnel of trees is in Perthville NSW. I traveled that road every day for 20 years.The shot through the gate is a friends property.

  • Dean

    The bridge that is flown under looks terribly like a bridge I have driven under which is in rural Victoria, north of Melbourne. Can I ask where you acquired your info from? Thank you.

  • colin woods

    i thought that underpass is on the road from blayney to caloola and /or perthville.would like to know for sure.

  • johann

    Looks like Pichi Richi Pass near Quorn Sth Aus to me…

  • Amy

    It’s definately shot between Blayney to Newbridge in NSW. The town shown at the end is Blayney.

  • Kate

    Google Honda Blayney