DePaul Homelessness Starts at Home

The Depaul Trust, a charity working with young homeless and vulnerable people across the UK, commissioned these print advertisements in 2006 challenging people to think carefully about the origins of homelessness. Homeless people are shown under trees, with clues about their parent’s backgrounds above them. The text for each includes the phrases, “Homelessness starts at home. Donations start here.”

Bench: Prostitute Mother. Father Unknown.

Bench in DePaul homelessness print advertisement

Dog: Violent Father. Violent Mother.

Dog in DePaul homelessness print advertisement

Bin: Mother Died. Father Drank.

Bin in DePaul homelessness print advertisement

Bag Lady

Alcoholic Mother. Sexually Abusive Father.

Bag lady in DePaul homelessness print advertisement


The DePaul Homelessness campaign was developed at Publicis, London, by creative director Nik Studzinski, art director/copywriter Cameron Blackley, art director/copywriter Andrew Petch, photographer Ernst Fischer, retoucher Spencer Hannam at Actis Studios (now known as Act Two Studios).

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