Help Sweden with Millennium Goals

The UN Development Programme (UNDP) has launched an online campaign of irony, posing the ridiculous scenario in which Africans join together to support the affluent people of Sweden. See it at, today’s site of the day, as well as Facebook, MySpace and YouTube.

HelpSweden site

The HelpSweden campaign, launched in the last week of September, is designed to challenge Swedes to put development aid for Africa high on the agenda when Sweden takes over the presidency of the EU next year, in 2009.

When visitors to the site click on links they are told, “The world is upside down. The poor are giving more to the rich than they receive in foreign aid.” They are invited to address unfair trade, debt burdens and cheap labour by signing a signature to be sent to Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt. The site includes a link to, a countdown to the year 2015.

“By the year 2015 poverty and hunger is supposed to be cut in half. All countries have made that commitment in the Millenium Declaration. But we in the wealthy world still receive more than we give, and every sixth person will go to bed hungry this evening. That is not OK,” according to the letter.

Among those signing the missive to the prime minister are Aftonbladet editor Jan Helin, singer Neneh Cherry, Jakob Simonsen, director of UNDP in Denmark and renowned photographer Jens Assur.

The Video

Kwaku Yawson reports on the HelpSweden movement in Ghana.

Click on the image below to play the video.


The UNDP campaign was commissioned by project managers Helena Ekinge, Klas Waldenström and Monica Lorensson.

“The campaign was made to encourage a new perspective on aid, and to highlight the fact that more money flows out of Africa than comes into those countries, as well as the relationship between the global North and the global South,” says Klas Waldenström, project manager for the campaign.

The campaign was developed at Futurniture by project manager Frida Eriksson, production leader Per Starck, copywriter Anna Lind Stein, art director Fredrik Nilsson ad, web designer Philip Arvidsson, graphic designer Jani Niili Virta, programmer Pascal Gagneur.

Filming was shot by director Henrik Kindgrens via TV Dinner, Stockholm, with producer Haakon Vislie, technician Tobias Stål. Music is by Henrik Jäfvert.

PR is being rolled out at Strandberg Haage by project manager Jonathan Holst and PR consultants Alexander Bartilsson and Samuel Garlöv.

HelpSweden Sponsor Child

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