Heineken Know The Signs

Heineken’s “Enjoy Heineken Responsibly” campaign is embodied in today’s site of the day, “Know The Signs“. The site raises awareness of the impact of alcohol on drinkers, building the concept of preventing embarrassing behaviour by encouraging the switch to non-alcoholic drinks before it’s too late.

Heineken Know the Signs site

Visitors to the Know the Signs site, once they’ve established they’re of legal drinking age of course, are invited to take a look at the host’s crowded bar, using closed channel television. You’re on the look out for signs of transformation into one of five embarrassing types: the sleeper, the groper, the exhibitionist, the cryer and the fighter. The surveillance camera has zoom and pan capacity.

As soon as you correctly spot a sign, you’re introduced to the type and provided with a tragicomedy version of how the evening will play out for the character, along with a “what if” scenario in which a friend intervenes with a bottle of water.

Once the signs have been identified visitors to the site are given a range of ways of connecting their friends with the content, sending an embarrassing video to a mobile phone, send a virtual glass of water (iBoard on the iPhone), downloading a social networking widget to assign friends to characters, and using the Oddcast Embarrassment tool to superimpose a friend’s face on to one of the characters. Of course you’d need to wait until your friend is sober enough to take the joke.

The site was promoted in October with the viral Know the Signs trailer. Click on the image below to play the video..


The Know the Signs campaign was developed at The Red Brick Road / Ruby by executive creative director Justin Tindall, copywriters Gemma Phillips and Matthew Davis, art directors Richard Megson and Mark Slack, and agency producer Charles Crisp.

The site was developed at Unit 9 by interactive director Robert Bader, executive producer Valentina Culatti Alisi, tech lead Yates Buckley with sound FX by Steve Nolan, producer Dani Michelon.

Filming was shot by director Henry Littlechild via Outsider with producer Ben Roberts.

Widgets were developed and produced at LaComunidad. Social media optimization was provided by SocialMedia8. Viral Tracking was done with ViralTracker. Mobile concept and production was done at ICE Mobile.

The iPhone app, conceived and designed by Ruby Agency, was produced at Golden Gekko.

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