Heineken for a Fresher World

Heineken is presented as the beer of choice for a Fresher World, with the cityscapes of Paris, Manhattan and Rio de Janeiro illustrated with Heineken bottles, cans and cartons. The Eiffel Tower is made of Heineken bottles. The Statue of Liberty and the Jesus statue are represented with bottle opener/corkscrews, a strange choice perhaps, for a beer that comes mostly in either cans or screw top bottles.

Heineken Fresher World in Paris

Heineken Fresher World in Manhattan

Heineken Fresher World in Rio


The Fresher World campaign was developed at Publicis Conseil, Paris, France, by creative director Olivier Altmann, copywriter Nicolas Schmitt, art director Pierre Penicaud, advertiser’s supervisor Cyril Charzat, account supervisors Remy Averna, Mathieu Delcourt, Alice d’Ortoli, art buyer Nathalie Benchetrit, and illustrator Denis Assor.

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  • shivaji

    i m intrested in heinking. plz guid me

  • Candice Phillips

    Heineken is the nectar from the beer gods. It’s the beer of kings and queens.

  • prince

    Wow….I’m glad to c dat even girls, do enjoy our favourite beer…iv never seen it happen infront of my eyes. Plz dnt get me wrong,I’m nt sayn dat its a bad thng bt wher I cum frm girls only drink ciders nd here I find dat u guys r probably drinking da drink of KINGS nd QUEENS…wher can I find a GF. Who drinks ma drink… Sumbdy plz help me find her. Bt ey I’m tokn abt a descent chick here. CHEERz