Harrassment Exposed on Boston Trains

Massachusets Bay Transportation Authority in Boston has launched a campaign on public transport challenging sexual harrassment. “Rub against me and I’ll expose you,” says one poster that shows a young woman squeezed between faceless bodies on a train. “If someone rubs or touches you inappropriately speak up. Even better, use a camera phone to snap a picture. Then report it to an MBTA station official or call (617) 222-1212.”

Rub against me and I'll expose you

Another has a picture of a surveillance camera and the warning: “Flash someone and you’ll be exposed.” “Our cameras, our undercover police, our passengers with camera phones are waiting for you . Expose yourself, touch or rub up against somebody inappropriately and we will prosecute. It’s not harmless. It’s a crime. Report sexual harrassment to an MBTA station official or call (617) 222-1212”.

Flash someone and I'll expose you

The campaign comes after a 16-year-old Boston Latin School student snapped a cellphone picture in December of a man who had allegedly been exposing himself to riders on the Green Line. Police arrested a Newton man, whom neighbors identified after police publicized the picture.

via Aram Boghosian at The Boston Globe)

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