Habitat for Humanity Won’t Give to the Poor

Habitat for Humanity Australia is calling for donations for its work but is reminding donors that nothing is given away. The program provides a home for needy families but expects ‘recipients’ to participate in the building of the houses. The print advertisement superimposes the explanation over a photograph of a man holding his head in his hand.

Habitat for Humanity - No Hand Outs

Habitat for Humanity gives underprivileged families something far superior to a cash handout. We help them build a simple, decent place to live. Finally children can study in safety, removed from the clutches of drugs and crime. Communities flourish with clean drinking water, free from infectious diseases. Adults can hold down jobs without the constant stress of just trying to hold down the roof. When a family moves into a Habitat home, it can mean the difference between living and merely surviving. Simply put, building homes changes lives. Since we first broke ground nearly 30 years ago, Habitat for Humanity has built more than 250,000 houses in nearly 100 countries. That’s one every 24 minutes. So in the time it takes you to whip something up in the kitchen, someone somewhere is getting used to having one…


The Habitat for Humanity ad was developed at Clemenger BBDO Sydney by creative director Rocky Ranallo, art director Barry Beckley, copywriters Chris Berents and Michael Dawson, and producer Simon Davis.