Guinness Traffic Signs

Guinness has a series of print advertisements connecting the alcoholic beverage with responsible drinking. Traffic signs are shown in a night setting, only becoming clear when it is too late. “The more you drink, the slower you react. Please drink responsibly.”

Guinness Stop Signs

Guinness Stop Signs

Guinness Stop Signs

Guinness was developed in Ireland by Arthur Guinness as a response to chronic alcohol abuse linked with hard liquor. Despite the wait associated with the pouring of the stout, consumers still are required to exercise caution.


The Traffic Signs campaign was developed at Saatchi & Saatchi Malaysia, Petaling Jaya, by executive creative directors Adrian Miller and Edmund Choe, copywriter Christie Herman, art director Ong Kien Hoe. account supervisor Aaron Taylor, with photographer Alex Tow and retoucher Choyue from threesixty┬░ Photography.

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