Guinness on St Patrick’s Day Morning

Guinness launched its St Patrick’s Day campaign in the United States in 2004 with a TV ad, “St Patrick’s Day Morn”. Three men (Liam Sullivan, Dustin Fasching, Jay Lay) wake up on the morning of St. Patrick’s Day to the sound of jingling bells and the song, “When Irish Eyes are Smiling”. The Madison Square Garden boxing poster establishes they’re in New York. They rush downstairs with all the excitement of children on Christmas. Why? Their living room houses a keg where the tree would be and the gifts are Guinness six-packs and cases wrapped in green paper. The tag line in the commercial encourages consumers to “Treat St. Patrick’s Day like a real holiday.”

St Patrick's Day Morning

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“St. Patrick’s Day represents a wonderful time of year for our Guinness drinkers and the goal of our new advertising campaign is to extend this celebratory period to an entire holiday season such as with Halloween or Valentine’s Day,” said Chris Parsons, Guinness brand director.

Treat St. Patrick's Day like a real holiday


The St Patrick’s Day campaign was developed at BBDO, New York, by chief creative officer Ted Sann, creative director/copywriter Harold Einstein, copywriter Gerry Graf, executive producer Helene Balzarini and music producer Melissa Chester.

Filming was directed by Marcos Siega via Hungry Man, with director of photography Ramsey Nickell. Editor was Ian MacKenzie at MacKenzie Cutler. Music was arranged at Fluid, New York.