Guinness Light Show

Guinness has come out with another TV ad using the dark and light theme, this time with a celebration of lighting. It’s a dark night. Crowds of people walk through the streets. As they reach a deserted multi-storey office building they rush through the doors and up the stairs. On every floor men and women develop a synchronised lighting show, sending light rippling and pulsing through corridors and offices, underlining the Guinness theme of black and white. Outside on the street bystanders see the hexagonal building’s white head climb to the top, creating the image of a perfect pint of Guinness.

Guinness Light Show

Click on the image below to play the Guinness Light Show video.


The Guinness Light Show was developed at Irish International BBDO by creative director Mal Stevenson, concept planners Jason Hynes and Catherine Lennon, copywriter Sophie Farquhar, agency producer Noel Byrne.

The creative team was inspired by the Alive Inside notion from their previous Guinness spots. “The concept is about what goes on inside the pint,” said creative director Mal Stevenson. “The fact that it surges and settles is a point of difference about the product, and we thought this could create some intriguing and interesting ideas.”

Filming was shot by director Peter Thwaites via Gorgeous with director of photography Alwin Kuchler and producer Anna Hashimi. Local production was provided by Unit + Sofa, Prague.

Peter Thwaites, an ex-lighting cameraman, worked with his crew over seven full nights, with almost 900 extras on set. Each day the building was rewired by electricians. Interior shots were filmed in several different locations.

Editor was Rick Russell at Final Cut. Post production was done at The Mill.

Music is “Lark”, by Tom Kenyatta, Peter Raeburn & Adam Bushell at Soundtree Music, London.