Guinness Life of a Dot

Guinness has worked with Donald Sutherland to tell the story of a dot in a television advertising campaign launched on January 1, 2008. This is the story of a dot who could have been anything. But this dot wanted to travel so it became a line. The dot made friends and multiplied. And the dot explored and surged with life. Until the dot realised that it could become anything. So it became Guinness. It’s alive inside.

Jungle scene in Guinness Dot TV ad

Underwater scene in Guinness Dot TV ad

Animated scenes in the Dot advertisement include a city, a power line, a growing seed, trees, a Sikh temple, the Sydney Opera House, sand dunes, a jungle scene, an underwater scene, a city nightscape, an electric game of Pong, a heart rate monitor, an eye, the earth in eclipse, and of course a glass of Guinness.

Music is a fresh recording of Electric Light Orchestra‘s 1978 hit Mr. Blue Sky.

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The Guinness Dot TV ad was developed at Irish International BBDO, Dublin, by creative director Mal Stevenson, art director Jonathan Cullen, copywriter Rory Hamilton and producer Onagh Carolan.

Ronan Beirne, Marketing Manager, Guinness said “This advertisement is sure to capture the imagination of Guinness drinkers. It’s bursting with energy and you can’t help but be drawn into the world of the dot as it is, like Guinness, alive with possibilities”.

Animation and production were done at Psyop, New York, and Stink, by director Eben Mears, art director Haejin Cho, directors of photography Igor Jadue Lillo and Steve Koster, editor Cass Vanini, executive producers Justin Booth-Clibborn (Psyop) and Blake Powell (Stink), producers Jen Glabus and Carol Collins (Psyop) and Sophie Kluman (Stink).

Post production work was done by designers Tanya Weiss, Jon Saunders, Gordon Waltho, Pete Sickert-Bennett, Anh Vu and Ine Van Den Elsen, VFX supervisor Jake Slutsky, 3D artists Jeff Lopez, Damon Ciarelli, Iggy Ayestaran, Aditi Kapoor, Saira Mathew, Boris Ustaev, Jeff Dates, Jordan Blit, Josh Harvey, Todd Akita, Tom Cushwa, Lee Wolland, Pota Tseng, Jason Vega, Kitty Lin, Jason Goodman, FX artist Miguel A. Salek, Flame artists Eben Mears, Aska Otake, Jaime Aguirre, 2D compositors Molly Schwartz, 2D Roto Lead Leslie Chung, 2D Tracking Leads Hyunjeen Lee, Seung Lee, storyboard artist Ben Chan, and beer stylist Thomas Power.

Sound was designed and mixed at Brains & Hunch, London.

Meter in Guinness Dot TV ad