Gruen Transfer Ads on ABC

ABC1 in Australia is promoting the launch of The Gruen Transfer, a new show about advertising, with parodies of stereotypical beer, bank and beauty ads. The Gruen Transfer, produced by Andrew Denton and hosted by Wil Anderson, will begin on May 28 and run for 10 episodes. The panel-based program will ask ad executives to explain the thinking behind their work and to share industry secrets.

The Gruen Transfer

Viewers are introduced to Gruen Beer, Gruen Bank and Gruen Anti Aging Cream in what at first appear to be evidence that the community channel has gone commercial. The first round of ads are being followed up with parodies – same footage, different song or voiceover.


The Gruen Transfer campaign was developed and produced by Three Drunk Monkeys, Sydney.

The show’s name refers to the moment mall shoppers become unconsciously influenced by an overstimulating environment to make impulse purchases. The Gruen Transfer is named after Victor Gruen, Austrian architect credited for designing the modern shopping mall. The concept was popularized by Douglas Rushkoff.

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