Greenpeace When I Grow Up

Greenpeace in France is using the future dreams of young children as a wake up call for care of the planet. “Quands je serai grand”, translated from French, is “When I Grow Up”.

Greenpeace Child

When asked what they’d like to do when they’re older, some begin with traditional occupations such as doctor, fireman, nurse. One child says she’d like to be in the water business to make lots of money. And if that’s not cynical enough, others dream of selling oxygen masks and medicine. One child aims to be a soldier to keep people out of the country. Some aim for research into new types of cancer, storms, fires, drought, pollution, viruses. And of course there’s the girl who wants to be an astronaut…


The “Quands je serai grand” ad was developed at DDB Paris by executive creative director Alexandre Hervé, creative director Sylvain Thirache, art director Faustin Claverie, copywriter Fabien Teichner, agency producers Florence Potiée Sperry and Sophie Mégrous.

Filming was shot by director Adam Berg via Stink, Paris.