Greenpeace Onslaught challenges Dove Impact on Rainforest

Greenpeace has launched a parody of the Dove Onslaught campaign with a critique of Unilever’s purchase of palm oil from suppliers who are damaging rainforests in Indoenesia. Greenpeace is calling on the multi-national company to ensure that their products have not been produced at the expense of the Indonesian rainforests, species extinction and the world’s climate.

Onslaughter Girl in Greenpeace ad

As in the Dove Onslaught ad, a young girl faces the camera, this time with the music of La Breeze adjusted to sound, “There they go”. The ad moves to footage showing systematic tree clearances, the burnt corpses of orangutans, the marketing of Dove products. “98 % of Indonesia’s lowland forest will be gone by the time Aziza is 25. Most is destroyed to make palm oil, which is used in Dove products. Talk to Dove before it’s too late.”

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The Greenpeace Dove Palm Oil action site includes an open letter for protesters to sign and send, along with a HD version of the ad.

Greenpeace wants all companies involved in palm oil production to commit to stopping further deforestation by supporting a moratorium on all rainforest and peatland conversion and meeting the following criteria:

1. No new plantations within mapped forest areas.
2. No plantations resulting in the degradation of peatlands.
3. No plantations or expansion post November 2005 resulting in deforestation or degradation of high conservation value areas including peatlands.
4. No plantations or plantation expansion established on indigenous peoples and other forest dependent communities without their free prior and informed consent.
5. Establish full supply chain traceability and segregation systems which exclude palm oil that fails to meet the above criteria.

Open Letter to Unilever

Dear Group CEO Patrick Cescau,

The palm oil Unilever buys to make Dove soap is destroying forests and speeding up climate change. Your palm oil suppliers continue to destroy Indonesia’s precious rainforests for palm plantations, even though they have promised to change. They haven’t changed, but Unilever still buys from them, with no consideration for the endangered animals and people who depend on these forests.

Unilever is one of the biggest global consumer goods companies and buys around 1.3 million tonnes of palm oil every year. A truly responsible company would not buy from suppliers who trash forests. Unilever should call for an immediate halt to the destruction of Indonesia’s forests for palm oil.

Wrecking rainforests for soap and other products is wrong. Will you help save the forests now, or continue destroying them?

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