Google Chrome in Comic Form

Google is promoting Chrome, a new web browser, with a 38-page comic book. The Google Chrome in Comic Form’s detailed explanation of the open source software was put together by Google staff and put into cartoon form by comic artist and writer Scott McCloud. Google software engineer Darin Fisher is portrayed in comic form introducing the WebKit, the same engine used by Apple’s Safari browser and Google’s own Android mobile-phone operating system.

Google Chrome comic strip explaining new tab feature

McCloud’s comic book, available in online slideshow and downloadable pdf formats, explains that Chrome is designed to respond to the challenge of running media-rich applications that are the norm in many sites today. The tab-based interface is claimed to be more stable and secure because of the way each tab run its own process. The default home page will be constructed around user browsing and search patterns. The browser uses Google Gears system, allowing browsers to store and access information on local computers.

Google Chrome Test Check In
Google Chrome Placing Blame
Google Chrome Start from Scratch
Google Chrome Splat

Google are running videos on their YouTube channel to explain the background behind Chrome. Beware though. They all consist of talking head shots. Click on the image below to play the 4 minute 50 Background video in YouTube (HD quality):

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  • Roger

    When is The Inspiration Room launching a browser??????

  • Richard

    You think Google chrome is good, wait til you see Firefox platinum.

  • i’m willing to try it out just to see if it works more efficiently than FireFox… if it’s faster than Firefox and isn’t IE, then i’ll use it

  • Fakir

    I’m wanting to try it as well.

    But is the youtube deliberately a bit glitchy to ram the point home that firefox can’t handle video!?

    And ‘nothing’s changed since the first browsers…’

    Ah… bullshit. Google. Bullshit.