Google 10^100 Project Launches

Google is celebrating 10 years of operation with the Google 10^100 Project, calling for ideas that will change the world. 10^100 is another way of writing a Googol, or ten to the hundredth.

Google is calling for ideas to be submitted by October 20, 2008. Members of the public will be able to vote on the best ideas from January 27th 2009. A panel of judges will then review the top 20 ideas and announce up to five winners in mid-February. Funding, from a pool of $10 million, will be awarded in May. If the judges decide to reward five winning ideas, each will receive $2 million. If only two ideas are chosen, each will receive $5 million.

Google Project Googol

An animated commercial, set to Joy Zipper’s song, “Go Tell The World”, presents the concept of scale for ideas that help one person. Helping a lady cross the road helps one person. Teaching a class may help 100 people. Designing a local technology may help 10,000 people. Designing cleaner engines may help a million. Designing clean electricity production could help 100 million. So what could make the difference for 10^100?

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CNN is working with Google to cover the project, including profiles of ideas and the people who submit them from around the world. See Brandon Grigg’s introduction at CNN and the CNN Impact Your World site.

Andy Berndt, Managing Director, Google Creative Lab, started the ball rolling at the Google blog a few hours ago…

“If you could suggest a unique idea that would help as many people as possible, what would it be? It’s a question worth considering. Never in history have so many people had so much information, so many tools at their disposal, so many ways of making good ideas come to life. Yet at the same time so many people (in all walks of life) could use some help, in small ways and big. In the midst of this, new studies are reinforcing the timeless wisdom that beyond a basic level of material wealth, the only thing that seems to increase individual happiness is… helping other people. In other words, help helps everybody.

But what would help, and what would be most helpful? We don’t believe we have the answers, but we do believe the answers are out there. Maybe in a lab, or a company, or a university — or maybe not. Maybe the answer that helps somebody is in your head, in something you’ve observed, some notion that you’ve been fiddling with, some small connection you’ve noticed, some old way of doing something that you’ve seen with new eyes.”

Google Project Googol

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  • Dohn taylor

    My idea is an international translator. It would be pocket size and sit in the top pocket or around the neck. It would take the spoken word in, translate and relay the native language equivalent to a bluetooth ear piece worn by the recipient. This would need to be produced in at least two stages due to the sintax complexity of translating one language to another along with accents and dialects. (But let’s think how it can be not why it can’t be done). Intially words would be transmitted so the receiver would pick out key words and respond (to the iniator who is also wearing a device). Hence and arab could make themself understood by a russian or a Urdi speaker to a Mongol. Subsequent improvements would improve the sentance structure and pick up on the lesser used languages. Whatsmore these devices would be made available at cost plus 1% to everyone on th planet. (Price should not be an inhibitor, first world countries can ensure third world countries receive them in their aid grants) No one organisation would own the technology (unless it was in the name of the UN). The 1% would go into a not for profit organsation for continual improvement. Ideally upgardes would just be downloaded (free) avoiding shipping costs etc. Communication is the secret to avoiding conflict if people relised how similar their foreign neighbour was governments would be pressured not to go to war. It may encourage greater tourism, all of a sudden you can make yourself understood.
    It would be the first mass produced device made and produced for mankind without a large corporate profit centre driving it. First world governments would fund it at say .01% of the GDP until it was developed and distributed (that probably only equates to one world trip of each of its leaders and entourage per annum), or throufh the IMF or world bank (90% of my prize money can go into the startup fund.)
    “world peace; i guess we will keep fighting until we get it” Dohn Taylor 2008

  • Ronald R. Dodge, Jr.

    I have had this dream of helping out handicapped kids in ways that most people would not realize how it would be of help as most people have not been through such experiences.

    First, people must realize that just cause one is handicapped, that does not mean they can’t do anything or that they are any less to the human race, no many how many different things they are having to deal with in life.

    Secondly, while people that are handicapped may need some additional help, they should not be looked upon as if they are weak.

    Third, if something is happening that is against morals and ethics to someone that is handicapped, one shouldn’t turn a blind eye to it and claim either that it happens every day (like in a metropolitan city) or be fearful of losing power to their social/economic groups for having such thing brought up (like in a rural area where everyone knows everyone).

    Why do I bring this up?

    When I was a child, at the age of 10 months old, I had a high fever of 102 and a right ear ache, which then I started to have epileptic seizures (Strike 1). Doctors classified them as piti mals, but based on the symptom differences between piti mals and grand mals, I tend to think it was really the grand mals. I just figure the doctor classified them as piti mals due to societal views of grand mals. It was also discovered early on that I had a learning disability primarily in language, which I had later realized it was mainly dealing with putting the different parts of the language to make sense of it (Strike 2). By the time I was in 1st grade, I was getting paddled by the school teacher for not doing my English homework even though they knew I had the LD in the subject matter. Not only that, but that was also when the physical abuse also started to take place at home.

    By the time I was 8, I had become a ward of the state (Strike 3), and just like in baseball, 3 strikes and you are out. Well once I had those 3 strikes on me, school officials of every single public school had treated me like I wasn’t going to make it in life, thus allowed gangs of students to beat me up and not having anything done about it, but yet, if I was to fight back out of self defense, I would get suspended and nothing still happen to them. Not only that, but the school officials went so far as to play their political games and attempt to hold me back as much as they possibly could academically, which by the time I was in 9th grade and they attempted to hold me back in General Math for a third straight year even though I had already aced it with flying colors in 7th and 8th grades (though I fought them on it in 8th grade as they initially used the mail system as the reason why, but then later used another student as the excuse, which even then, they didn’t tell the full story that I later learned). The moment they told me, “It’s a higher level.”, my immediate spontaneous unplanned response right back at them was “I don’t care what kind of GENERAL MATH it is, GENERAL MATH is GENERAL MATH is GENERAL MATH!”, with my right index finger pointing down and hitting the desk each and every time I said “GENERAL MATH” looking right straight into their eyes. That person was put into a state of shock and quite hesitantly stated to me, “Well…. you have to prove it.” That person knew I meant every word that I said as I meant business and I was not about to back down. I was so sick and tired of being treated like a puppet with school officials doing what ever they wanted with me, and my guardians just siding with the school officials.

    What sort of impact did this have on me?

    Learned that people will be people in that they will do anything and everything that they want to do unless the consequences of such actions are great enough to deter them from doing those actions.

    You may be able to control objects, but you can’t control people.

    If you want anything, you must do it yourself as you can’t count on anyone else for it.

    At no time could you count on others for help, even if you really do need help.

    You must fend for your own self as no one else is going to do it for you or even help you out.

    The above 5 lessons were learned in 4th grade and they were very harsh lessons for how I had to learn them.

    I felt all alone and could only count on myself and no one else.

    Why do I feel this still needs to be addressed today, when supposedly, they know more than they did when I was in school?

    While people may know more (this is true to some extent), it still doesn’t outlaw human tendencies (that is to take the easiest way out, even if it means hurting others along the way). As a matter of fact, one of my kids already has one strike against her and she has already been targeted in school by the teacher placing the various blames on her. We were suspicious of that as it didn’t sound like her, but then one of the parents of one of the other kids had told us that what the teacher was placing the blame on her for was not true at all.

    After I found that out, I had a nice chat with both the principal and asst principal about the issue at hand. I started out the conversation that while I realize this is a small issue at the present time compared to what I went through, but this is exactly how it all got started with me when I went through that stuff as a kid and I am not about to have any of my kids to go through that sort of stuff growing up, if I can help it.

    Since when should a handicapped child go through physical beatings for something that it’s struggling? Since when should a handicapped child be left out and treated as an outsider all cause it was not born into the community and what it depicted is seen as destructive to the community even though the statements are true and both ethically and morally needs to be dealt with?

    Since when should adults lay claim that a handicapped child can’t do anything worthy for the community?

    Even in high school, I had to deal with some of these issues until I was not only a good runner, but the best one at it as well as the best one at it with computers as a result of me driven to computers due to people having treated me like they did while I was growing up. At least with computers, I didn’t get hurt by it like I did with people (both physically and emotionally). By the time I was in my senior year, I was proving them school officials dead wrong on their myth dealing with handicapped kids in so many ways, one of the top runners in both cross country running as well as track and field within the state despite me taking 2700mgs of Tegretol per day (most people with such issue take between 800mgs and 1400mgs per day with Tegretol being a downer), Treasurer of BPOA (Business Professionals Of America) for our county chapter, Records Keeper on the NHS, was the only student to not only ace the then college undergrad sophomore level accounting courses while in high school (and now equivalent to junior level of undergrad college courses as the quality of our education has dropped on all levels), took up 7 credit hours of courses instead of the normal 6 my senior year and placed 10th academically out of 115 students with a composite ACT score of 25 out of a possible 31, which in Math as well as the physical science and logical reasoning, answered every one of those questions correctly, tutoring other students in both math and accounting, did all sorts of stuff around the school almost daily via the NHS, and so on.

    Shortly after I was in college, and well after puberty years, instead of the seizures becoming less and less as expected, they were only getting to be more frequent by the month. As a result of that and different meds wasn’t helping, I had the laser brain operation done in July of 1991. Even though I had 2 semi-seizures 2 days after the operation, that was strictly due to the change in the brain in regards to the operation, and been seizure free since. They had pinpointed the seizures to start in the temporal lobe on the right side of the brain, which that’s the very part of the brain that helps put the different parts of the language together to make sense, based on what I had learned in General Experimental Psychology in college.

    How did I manage to get by with regards to the learning disability?

    Over the first 10 years of school, I ended up learning how to memorize, which one teacher in particular at a residential private school (which is specifically meant to help kids that has issues in life to overcome), not only taught the subject matters at hand, but more importantly first realized what I was good at, realized how I learned best, and even went so far as to teach me how to learn for my own self in stages. I know I was not an easy case for him, which this took place between 5th and 6th grade years, but it paid off dividends as that was one of 3 major turning points in my life. Between acquiring the skill of memorization, the gift to be able to think in logical terms, and the teacher teaching me how to use processes to learn for my own self, that had more or less opened the doors of knowledge.

    The second major turning point was dealing with one guardian in particular got me into running, though how he did it, I didn’t agree with, but at the same time, it was a blessing in disguise. The how part, I wanted to get into baseball, he threw a pitch at me and I was late swinging at the bat, and he said that was why. The reason why I didn’t agree with that manner was cause he didn’t allow for the option that one could learn to better time it and be able to react better to it. However, the reason why it was a blessing in disguise, at least with running, it was an individual based effort sport, not a team based effort sport. With team based effort sports, the coaches would leave me out of the game, but with individual based effort sports, they could only leave me out if I had proven not to be good enough, which obviously being one of the top distance runners in the state, that couldn’t happen. This was not only the case in high school, but also ended up being the case in college within a DIV I school, even though I was a walk-on student-athlete in college. The distance running was the 2nd major turning point in my life, though didn’t really take place until high school when it was the only thing that turned my social life around for the better on the account that others had to respect me for what I could do for them and us start working together as a team rather than just looking at the disability and treating disabled people like they can’t do anything or won’t be good enough to be of significant help. It’s also pretty sad when you as a handicapped person not only have to be good at something that means something to the community, but you have to be the best one at it in order to be recognized and not get treated poorly.

    The last major turning point was the laser brain operation as it freed my life up in so many ways, which people also used the seizures as a means to say that I can’t do much of anything, and I have been seizure free for the last 17 years and counting without taking any meds what so ever since January 1993 (much earlier than the doctors expected as most people aren’t off the meds until between 3 and 4 years after the date of operation with normal dosage amount, unless they decide to drop it entirely after the initial 2 year trial period of being seizure free and extend that trial time period by 3 months, which for me, obviously, I was off the meds entirely for 6 months before the 2 year trail period had ended.

    While I realize 1 or a few bad apples doesn’t make up the general consensus, I still hold reserve for how things are today, and only time will tell. While I see improvement, I still think we have a long ways to go as far as helping out handicapped kids and the impact things have on their social life.

    What does my dream consist of?

    An environment that’s best suited to help kids with various issues, be able to work kids into the social life, and help them learn either how to get rid of their handicap (if possible like in the case of my seizures, which I was very fortunate in that regards all things considered), or how to cope with the handicap and make up for it (such as what I did with regards to my learning disability). As for things that happens to us, what and how it impacts us, we just have to learn from experience and apply that experience to things in life as needed (such as what I had to endure first at home, but then the various things I had learned while being a ward of the state).

    While I am advocating for handicapped kids not having to go through such neglect and abuse, I am also not advocating of completing protecting them from elements in life as we all have to learn how to deal with things in life. In that regards, I do relate my life to that of the butterfly story, which one man saw a butterfly struggling to get out of it’s cocoon. He thought if he cut open the cocoon, the butterfly would just fly off. He did so and learned that the butterfly could never fly cause it never went through the struggle of it.

    In this manner, kids must go through struggles, just as I did with regards to the learning disability to learn how to learn, and in regards to the seizures to learn how to listen to my own body and do accordingly to what my body tells me. But since when such struggles also should include things that’s just down right cruel and hurtful to people? Yes, when people tell you that you can’t do things, you have to learn how to ignore such statements and move on as people will be like that either cause they envy you for what you can do (those down lower) or they are greedy (those up higher and know their stuff) and don’t want you tramping on their level, and also fear that you will surpass them.

    Just as I learned in sports, it’s either you do it or you don’t. There is no try about it, as try just means you won’t do it.

    Now days, I work for a company and we do have to work as a team. That’s one of my biggest objectives as with such environments that I grew up in, it’s an individualistic environment and as they state, together, we rise, divided, we fall. With the way adults has treated handicapped kids, that’s not the way to build a strong network. This goes on to not only have an environment to help the kids themselves so as they can work their way back into society (no, nothing like prison, but rather allow them to do what they need to do, but also challenge them along the way and help them find their way, rather if medical treatment or any other intervention needs to be done or not), but to also show the adults of what such kids can do, how they can help out the community, and most importantly, everyone work together as a team.

    Yes, I know, some of you may think that’s what Human Services or Child Protective Services are for, but even they have done a poor job at it, as many of them only go looking for faults within the parents and then the kids just keeps on getting bounced on around with no real help being given to the kids until it’s too little, too late.

    Oh, for those kids that has medical issues or whose breadwinner parent has passed on, don’t get fooled into believing the child will keep Child SSDI until it’s graduated from college as that just isn’t the case, even if the student does keep up good grades throughout the whole way. I was on Child SSDI until 3 years after the laser brain operation. When I was in college, I was working via the College Work Study Program, and just the money I earned off of that, it was enough to get me kicked off of SSDI (Child or not) via the SGA (Substantial Gainful Activity) formula. When they did that, I was in a world of hurt financially as I was only making about $4,000 per year working at minimal wage, which I was scraping for food and what ever else while going to full time college. My only means of transportation was a mountain bike as I couldn’t even afford to take the bus system at the discounted rate that’s for the elderly and handicapped people. Therefore, as another part of this dream will have to be to teach such kids how to face such challenges when life throws them such challenges at them. This means, while they may have to depend on others for getting work done financially, but when it comes to their own household financial affairs, they can’t count on anyone or any agency but themselves and maybe their spouse for when that time comes (that is if they get married later in life as an adult). Obviously, they wouldn’t get married as they are a kid, as that would be rather ridiculous to have happen when they haven’t even had a chance to mature in life. However, they should learn of such tools to help them out for when that time comes. For me, I would have figured a lot of these things out myself anyhow, even if I didn’t have Accounting in high school and college, but what Accounting did do for me, it did formulize the numbers in an organized manner for me. Then throw in my computer skills, and I have been able to build my own financial accounting system that works out pretty good for the family.

    This therefore goes on to say, while teaching the kids various things, it also must include giving them the tools they will need to be able to make it in life. Without the proper tools, they don’t have as much of a chance and if they do, it will have been that much harder. Of course, some cases, it means they will have to earn it to appreciate life that much more (a lesson many adults needs to learn rather than taking things for granted and subconsciously passing judgment onto others less fortunate).

    I would rather reward those that’s attempting to help themselves than to rewards those that’s not attempting to do much of anything other than feed off the system, which our welfare program is just the opposite as I was a victim of that too, hence had only reinforced one of my 4th grade lessons that I can only count on my own self to make it in life, when I was living at just 2/3 of federal poverty level for a household size of one in a state that had considered 150% of federal poverty level as state poverty level. At the same of me getting no help from the state, others around me that wasn’t working or going to school was getting all kinds of help from the state. The problem with the welfare program, once you start earning too much in their eyes, or you start building up assets (can’t have more than $2,000 in total assets before losing your assistance which may or may not include your primary residence and primary automobile), they will deduct the help faster than you can get your earnings/assets up, hence another reason why you can’t count on others for help. This goes on to show that you not only have to learn discipline, perseverance, how to learn, be able to think for your own self, but you must also put up large sacrifices in order to make it in life. For me, I work between 60 and 80 hours per week just to be able to help the family of 7 to be able to make it through and work on our long-term objectives while having to take care of the short-term stuff along the way with what we have to work with.

  • Olivia

    What a FANTASTIC idea, well done to Google for coming up with this inspiring initiative! With all the craziness this world is facing today, we need to start pulling together and all focus on ways to heal our world. Imagine the power of all of our thoughts focused on the same thing!!! I actually found a very interesting blog that’s getting involved in this project, take a look around on the site too and it’ll really get you thinking Ultimately whatever the idea is that wins and any ideas that we put into place in this world can only truly benefit us as a whole if our intention behind the action is correct and altruistic.

  • Hi Friends..
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