Gnarls Barkley Who’s Gonna Save My Soul

Gnarls Barkley has released a music video for the single, “Who’s Gonna Save My Soul”, from their recent album, The Odd Couple, featuring an animated singing heart. Gnarls Barkley, the collaboration between rapper Cee-Lo Green (Thomas Callaway) and instrumentalist/producer Danger Mouse (Brian Burton), worked with Chris Milk, Image Metrics and Gradient Effects to produce a VFX-laden spot with a sense of black humour.

Heart sings in Gnarls Barkley Who's Gonna Save My Soul music video

Jorma Taconne, known for his comedic roles in Saturday Night Live, plays the part of a young man with a strong sense of drama. Aasha Davis, known for his role as Chelsea Lewis in South of Nowhere, plays the part of the girlfriend with unfortunate news. Taconne orders an extra plate, takes a knife to himself, and produces his heart for her to take with her. The heart appears with the facial features of Cee-Lo, walking along the diner table and singing through a brocolli microphones to the customers.


Gnarls Barkley Who’s Gonna Save My Soul was filmed on location in Santa Monica by director Chris Milk via Radical Media, Los Angeles.

Thomas Tannenberger and Olcun Tan, founders of Gradient Effects, used technology from Institute for Creative Technologies Graphics Lab, (ICT) to scan Cee-Lo Green’s face while performing and used the data to apply his facial movements to the digital heart. Using in-house software, Tannenberger and Tan were able to predict where real blood would flow from the severed heart and give it the “wetness” needed to make it believable.

Additional animation of Cee-Lo’s lips was provided by Image Metrics. Using their proprietary image analysis technology, Image Metrics produced fifteen shots of facial animation on Cee-Lo’s singing lips.

Lyrics for Who’s Gonna Save My Soul

Got some bad news this morning
Which en turn made my day
When this someone spoke I listened
All of a sudden has less and less to say
Oooo how could this be
All this time I’ve lived vicariously
Who’s gonna save my soul now
Who’s gonna save my soul now
How will my story ever be told now
How will my story be told now

Made me feel like somebody …huh
Like somebody else
Although he was imitated often
It felt like I was being myself
Is it a shame that someone else’s song
Was totally and completely depended on

Who’s gonna save my soul now
Who’s gonna save my soul now
I wonder if I’ll live grow old now
Getting high cause I feel so low down
And maybe it’s a little selfish
All I have is the memory
Yet I never stopped to wonder
Was it possible you hurtin’ worse than me
Still my hunger turns to greed
Cause what about what I need
And Ooooo

Who’s gonna save my soul now
Whooooo’s gon save my soul now
Oooo I know I’m out of control now hoohooo
Tired enough to lay my own soul down