Global Warming – Bring it on?

GoShout, a new social networking site in Australia, has been promoting online polls and petitions with a soft porn viral ad aiming to provoke online conversation on the theme of global warming.

Icecream and hot body in Global Warming ad for GoShout

It’s a cold winter day in 2070. Young men and women, clearly recruited from modelling agencies, revel in the heat at a pool party. Ice is dished out. Ice cream is lasciviously dripped on to the belly of a woman’s belly. Maybe NSFW. Not suitable for minors.

Bring It On at YouTube


The Bring It On campaign was developed at Sydney viral agency LAVA Communications by executive creative director/copywriter/art director Steven Hirst.

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  • Pani

    I am alive yet.

  • kadurug

    what’s up baby.

  • Big Daddy

    Warming, Shmarming. It’s called “climate change” now, as it’s been scientifically proven that the earth is not warming. But the stupid-ass left won’t accept defeat. The Green movement is nothing more than a huge scam to get people to pay more for products.

  • oscar cassanova

    so this is global,my,my