Give Pigs Some Space in Sydney

Animals Australia worked with LOUD Sydney to create an animal welfare advertisement with a difference on the streets of Sydney.

Luke Fox in Pigs welfare Adshel ad

Luke Fox in Pigs welfare Adshel ad

The campaign was spurred on by copywriter Luke Fox winning an Adshel prize through AWARD School in 2006 (Australasian Writers and Art Directors Association) which required an ad without a logo. Adshel provided 100 poster sites anywhere in Australia. Luke chose to highlight the plight of pigs in cramped conditions on factory farms. See more on Luke’s story at Give Pigs Some Space, a Blogspot blog. Read more about the Animals Australia pig campaign at


The adshel was developed at LOUD Sydney by creative director Andy Firth, copywriter Luke Fox, art director Mo Shono, and photographer Mark Mawson.

Loud creative director Andy Firth said, “You can see animal welfare ads a mile off. A sad looking animal and you already know what it’s about. Consequently, you choose not to read it. You already know how it will make you feel. This ad draws you in with a story and leads you to read about pigs.”

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