Get Intimate with Communist History

“Get Intimate with Communist History”. The Museum of Communism in Prague, the Czech Republic, is offering members of the public a fully immersive experience of the totalitarian Communist regime, from the February coup in 1948 to its rapid collapse in November 1989. The museum has commissioned a series of posters to help prospective visitors realise that it is safe to step back into that period. Two posters in particular invite us to “get intimate with Communist history”, showing us Karl Marx and Josef Stalin in their more personal moments.

Josef Stalin with two young lovers

About Museum of Communism

The theme of the Museum is “Communism – the Dream, the Reality, and the Nightmare”. Immersive factories, a historical schoolroom, an Interrogation Room, or the video clips in the museum’s Television Time Machine are all part of the experience. To help get some perspective, the publicity campaign is consistent in tone with posters found in the Community History Museum shop, developed at Leo Burnett, Prague. “Cash, credit cards and back handed bribes accepted in our gift shop”.

Communist History Museum shop poster
Communist History Museum shop poster
Communist History Museum shop poster


The Get Intimate with Communist History campaign was developed at Euro RSCG New Europe, Prague, by creative director Eda Kauba, art director Jan Tamchyna, copywriter Lubomir Kopecko, advertiser’s supervisor Glenn Spicker, with design provided by Lukas Pospichal.