Get Further Away from Your Parents in NZ

New Zealand is being promoted as the education destination of choice for young couples keen to move away from the watchful eye of their parents. In a set of online videos young Asian students attempt to rendevous in a spa pool, in a restaurant and at the front door. If only their parents didn’t interfere…

Steamy action in Education NZ ad

In “Hot Tub” a young couple smooch away in a spa pool. As the camera pulls back we see that they’re in fact being watched by disapproving parents. In “Chopsticks” a romantic date in a Chinese restaurant loses its allure when we discover that the guy is being fed by his mother. In “Going Out” a romantic rendezvous at the front door, the promise of an exciting night out, turns into nothing when the girl’s father intervenes.

Chopsticks in Education NZ ad

Going out


The ads and web site were developed for New Zealand Educated by JWT Auckland by creative director/copywriter Angus Hennah, art director Rod Prosser, copywriters Craig Love, Adam Gunser, and agency producer Megan Robertson.

Filming was shot by director Adam Gunser via Automatic Films with producer Camillo Spath.


Fernando Vallejo points out that the viral campaign has been pulled after the Chronicle of Higher Education exposed the story. A flurry of emails from university staff and the ads disappeared from YouTube. You can see the ads in flash format still at Automatic Films (choose Adam Gunser’s portfolio under directors).