GE Dragon Brightens Beijing Olympics

GE makes the connection between Chinese legend, the Olympics, and technology in “Dragon”, a television commercial set in China. A group of Chinese people walks up into the mountains carrying loads of produce. The villagers leave their grass in a pile in the middle of a cave. A boy and a girl hide behind a rock to see what will happen next. They’re not disappointed. A dragon appears, consumes the grass, and uses its flaming breath to heat a water system.

Dragon in GE television commercial

“Turning organic waste like grass and plants into energy is no longer the stuff of legend. Today, biogas technology from GE is helping make the world a little brighter.” The advertisement finishes with a connection to urban China and the Olympics with a bright city street filled with dragon dancing.

Click on the image below to play the video.


The GE Dragon advertisement was developed at BBDO, New York by chief creative officers David Lubars and Bill Bruce, executive creative director Don Schneider, senior creative director/art director Ted Shaine, creative director/copywriter Tom Darbyshire, agency producer Filomena Lovecchio, director of TV production Regina Ebel, and director of music Rani Vaz.

Filming was shot by filming collective Traktor via Partizan, New York/Los Angeles, with editor Sherri Margulies at Crew Cuts. Animation was developed at The Mill, New York.

Audio post and sound design was done at Buzz, New York by Michael Marinelli.