Future of Duncans TV Ad Land

I’m preparing my responses to an interview on the future of Duncan’s TV Ad Land. Three questions in the interview got me thinking. “Where do you see your blog after five years from now? What the growth plans for Duncans.tv? What features and value additions can your savvy readers look forward to?”

That’s a hard question to answer. Five years is a long time on the internet. Who would have anticipated the development of YouTube five years ago when this blog started? Here’s my wish list for the development of this site.

Looking forward to 2013

  1. A higher quality presentation of TV ads online. Ideally I’d like to host ads on this site in quicktime but right now I can’t afford the bandwidth that would involve. I’ve seen other sites head off in that direction. To pull it off you either need a strong paid subscription base or a strong sponsorship base.
  2. Pages with links to post production companies, directors, cinematographers.
  3. Regular posts on issues relating advertising to popular culture, national identity, gender, stereotypes, spirituality, generational values.
  4. Book reviews on the above topics.
  5. Catching up on old favourites as well as keeping up with the latest. You may have noticed I’m currently writing up a few ads from earlier in 2005, 2006 and 2007. I have a backlog of posts that for various reasons never made it to publication.
  6. Continuing with a mix of Australia and New Zealand ads, and others from around the world. The pattern I generally follow is Down Under spots at 7 am (to be in the RSS feeder when readers get to work in NZ and Australia) and the others at 7 pm.
  7. Continuing with hyper links to advertisers, agencies and other companies listed in the ads. It helps search engine optimization for those companies, increases the likelihood of new work, and in many cases gives readers an idea where they might see the TV ads hosted online. I’ve moved away from direct links to quicktime videos on these sites as these often change and it’s only fair that readers have a look at the company sites themselves before viewing or downloading material.
  8. Sharing the perspective of the creatives behind the scenes. In some cases I’ve had the privilege of sharing these stories after conversations on Skype and email.
  9. Greater awarneess in the offline world that this kind of site exists.
  10. A fellow blogger or two to share the load. At least the occasional guest blogger to give me a break every now and then.

OK your turn. What would you like to see continued? What changes or additions would you recommend?

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