Frank Refreshingly Ginger Beer

New Zealand beverage company Frucor is promoting Frank Ginger Beer with the tagline, “Refreshingly Ginger”, featured in three ten second TV advertisements, Boy Band, Baby and Alien, along with guerilla marketing around the country.

Ginger haired boy band

Boy Band

Four young men with ginger hair pull up in a limo. This was in fact reenacted in ambient stunts at university campuses around New Zealand, the young men handing out free samples of the new Ginger Beer.

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A couple appear to genuinely delighted with the arrival of their new baby. Assuming these are both the parents, they must both be carrying recessive red hair genes.

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A local farmer is stunned by the arrival of an alien, with ginger hair.

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The Refreshingly Ginger campaign was developed at Colenso BBDO, Auckland, by executive creative director Nick Worthington, art directors/copywriters Sarah Longsworth and Mick Stalker, and agency producer Jonathon Gerard.

Filming was shot by Alex Sutherland via Thick as Thieves, Auckland. Post production was done at Oktobor.

Ginger haired baby


Here’s a photograph of ginger sheep in a field near Ramarama, south of Auckland, promoting Frank Ginger Beer.

Ginger sheep at Ramarama

  • Melanie Nicholls

    Love, Love, LOVE the lastest campaign (real sheep painted “ginger” grazing serenely in a field on the way to the Bombays). BRILLIANT thinking, guys – got us howling with laughter! The only downside – we laughed so much we nearly came off the road!

    • l. o. l. you should really be more careful when driving and not watch vides.

  • H. Williams

    re: Sheep ‘grazing serenely’ at Ramarama, I don’t think so! have you seen the bald paddock they are in?! come on guys having sheep grazing the dirt doesn’t look good! boooo!

  • J. Williams

    I saw the sheep a week ago and again today, but they need shifting into some grass. Green paddocks either side so can you open the gate, move the billboards and I am sure they can look serene again.

  • Melanie

    Yeah – we saw them again this weekend, and they still haven’t appeared to have moved from same grazing spot. Started to think they were cardboard cutouts until one of them moved. Who thinks it’s time to get some sheep on the other side of the motorway with the billboards so that the sheep get more food, and the southbound traffic get the benefit the ad campaign?

    • i think that melanie. will you marry me? i think you would make a good jewish wife.

  • Another cause of ginger hair is actually mutation. Many gingers born into a non ginger family with no known ginger members are often mutations. Just a slight mutation in a certain gene that causes the ginger color in the hair. I can’t exactly explain how, all I remember from Biology class is that some gingers are mutations. I should have stayed awake more…
    But anyways, I love these commercials!! they’re so amazing! As a ginger, I appreciate the gingerness in the world.

  • Alpha

    I think your missing the main point in all of this…. The lad in the vest top in the boy band advert is god damn hot!


  • alpha will you go out with me? @alpha

  • @ashleigh u reetard