Four n Twenty Pie on Magic Salad Plate

Iconic Australian meat pie brand Four ‘n Twenty has been reintroduced to Australian men with the Magic Salad Plate. An integrated campaign introduces a plastic plate which gives the appearance of a healthy salad of lettuce, cucumber, tomato and onion. The television campaign, launched this week, shows two men in overalls tucking into a hand held pies, much to the disgust of women. A well dressed spokesman tells us that despite the fact that it’s been practically proven that a salad is useless some people, like the ladies, seem to think you should at least look as though you’re trying. Four n Twenty have developed the Magic Salad Plate in response. To the untrained eye it looks as though you’re having salad. But of course it’s salad made of plate. It’s magic! Women see the blokes holding their salad plates and just decide to give them their phone numbers! It’s a scientific miracle what’s more. “Have a lunch that’s edible on a plate that’s credible”.

Magic Salad Plate

Click on the image below to play the video in YouTube

Four n Twenty useless lettuce
Four n Twenty Pie on Magic Salad Plate


The Magic Salad Plate campaign was developed at Clemenger BBDO Melbourne by executive creative director James McGrath, creative director Ant Keogh, creatives Tom Martin and Julian Schreiber, graphic designer Musonda Katongo, account manager Sarah Galbraith, strategy planner Mike Hyde, web designer Calvin Teoh (Clemenger Blue Digital), plate production leader Jo Currie (Clemenger Fusion), agency producer Sevda Cemo.

Filming was shot by director Tony Rogers via Renegade Films, Melbourne, with producer Jen Livingston and director of photography Marin Johnson. Sound was designed by Stevo Williams at Flagstaff Studios.

  • Kevin

    What a great ad.
    Best laugh I have had for ages.
    Where can I buy the plates.

  • Jodie

    Love the ad. My husband and sons want to know if they can buy the plate please let me know thanks.

  • Jen

    That is an awesome ad! I need to buy plates for my husband, dad, and brothers! These are sure to be a big sell!

  • william

    best add ive seen this year

    where can I BUY A PLATE

  • peter

    Just the thing for a summer BBQ with the boys.
    You should give the plates to all the public that respond to the add.
    This would give the add, a real grass roots basis that could be built-on over the summer months perhaps long after the T.V add is finnished.
    I want one, even if I have to buy one.

  • Sally Goodwin

    Best AD i have ever seen, Where do i get to buy a plate for my PIE eating Husband

  • Kelvin

    Where can I buy one? Let me know when one is available

  • Jen

    Has got everybody’s attention!
    Are plates available for purchase?

  • karen

    Are these available to buy??? My boys want these for their footy matches… Please advise me if they available anywhere.
    why not do a chick one, highlighting how girls also love these pies, but need to be seen eating the right thing. even though they like to indulge in a pie every once and a while.
    If these plates are available to buy could you please advise me on where to get them. Thankyou

  • Ian

    Same question “where and when can you buy the plates” GREAT AD

  • Tom

    The plates go on sale tomorrow (30/7/08) at

  • Maureen

    My girls and I saw the ad and thought it was the best in quite a while.
    We all want the plate let us know when and where we can get them from please xxox

  • Sharon Griffiths

    pls tell me where to buy these plates, great idea for my dad, who has everything!!

  • pippy

    please tell me if we can buy these plates i would love some being a chick and hating to eat salad…

  • glen

    the is brill………now to more pressing matters I want one I want one I want one….I need a plate like that…..OK? how much do you want for a couple of them………..c’mon give me a clue ??????PLEASE!!!!

  • Sharren

    Love the plates, whee do I get one?

  • Sharren

    Have to have the plate…

  • MrGun

    I just got my Magic Salad Plate in the mail today. When you factor in buying enough pies for the codes and the actual price of the plate and delivery you’re looking at about $22 total.

    The plate is plastic..but it’s as you see in the commercial. If I never eat another salad regularly, it’ll be this one.

    I enthusiastically await fruit juice coloured beer.

  • MrGun
  • Vid

    Haha…I saw this ad on the net and thought “only in Australia”! Good to see you guys are still as classless as ever. 😉

  • beautiful picture of a salad