Ford SYNC not good for surgery

Ford and Microsoft worked together in O.R., a TV ad promoting Ford SYNC, a product that allows drivers to voice-activate their mp3 players and bluetooth phones. “Anesthesia on,” says a surgeon as she begins to operate on her fully conscious patient. “Ow, I can feel that,” responds the man. “Not everything responds to your voice like Sync,” explains the voiceover. “Anesthesia on,” says the patient. We’re next shown the surgeon in her car using Ford SYNC to activate her mp3 player to play the Flaming Lips (Pompeii Gotterdammerung) and her mobile phone to call her lawyer. Also included in the campaign are “Romance”, “Blinds”, “Door”, “Hair” and “Objects”.

n-sync surgery attempt


The Ford SYNC spot was developed at Team Detroit by executive creative director Lance Paull, copywriter Bob Havlena, art directors Kevin Finney and Beth Hambly, producer Judd Stricker, and executive producer Carole Gall.

Filming was shot by director David McNally via Company Films. Editing was done by Jake Jacobson at Crew Cuts. Conform, VFX and sound mixing were produced at Buzz. Graphics were produced at Eyeball NYC.

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