Ford Fusion On Ice

Ford of Canada continues the “Create a Reaction” campaign with “Ice”, a TV advertisement in which a male driver crosses a frozen sea to meet his girlfriend at an airport in what appears to be Sweden.

Ford Fusion couple at airport

“I forgot to tell you something.” “What?”

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The Ford Create A Reaction campaign is being developed at Y&R Canada. Filming was produced at Spy Films, Toronto, edited at Panic & Bob, with sound and music produced at Vapor Music

Post production work was done at Hatch Studios, directed by Richard Rosenman with executive producer Randi Yaffa. Filming was finished in 1080P HD, featuring fully computer generated vehicles, freezing VFX and lavish CGI environments.

Ford Fusion crossing sea of ice

  • Randy B. Williams

    The Ford Fusion 2008 TV video that plays music created at Vapor Music is from Jazz Dancer, copyrighted in 1982, published in 1994, both by Randy B. Williams. You are using parts of the song without permission from the copyright owner. Please contact me immediately.

  • anon

    I think it would be best for YOU to contact THEM through a legal representative. As they are violating YOUR copyright, they’re not likely to come to you.

  • Ash

    “They are violating Your copyright”…

    …One of the most poignant sentences Ever written.
    Also, I would think that it a form of flattery.
    Then again, would one be so hard up that they would have to initiate a campaign against a corporation for the simple fact that said corporation thought enough of your music in order to usurp it for their own ends?

    Ahh….”The Principle”…

    How many lives have been irrevocably altered for The Principle…?

    Mozart didn’t need Lawyers, did he?

  • Alex van Delft

    I am also wondering what the man forgot to tell her. Is Ford planning to put out a second commercial, or a continuation of this like those other car commercials featuring the Lionman?

  • Alex van Delft

    Oh, and all the signage at the airport where the girl arrives at are in German, not Swedish.

  • Ankomst means Arrivals in Swedish, Danish and Norwegian, but not German.

  • n1zm0

    so what is the name of the song then? and who is the artist?

  • ctwolf

    all i know about the song so far is
    company: Vapor Music
    Client: Ford
    and its for ford “ice”
    so…. whats the name….

  • SiaFhir

    So what’s the point of that commercial anyway? What’s with the ice? Create a Reaction huh? The reaction I get is “You feel so damn cold driving a Ford, everything around you turns to ice”. 😉

    I recommend getting a good quality car, like a Honda.

  • Islander CFA

    what is the name of the female actor in the Ford Fusion ice/airport ad? She looks familiar

  • jimbo slice

    I think they are trying to say that who ever owns one of those vehicles feels so damn cool, they are capable of freezing the ocean, despite its 3.5% salt ratio. This would make you highly unpopular aomong your friends and coworkers since you are constantly emmiting temperatures -2°C or lower. On the bright side, Ford has lowered the prices even more making Fusion more affordable for most Canadian families as an reliable perpetual cabin fridge.

  • Nat

    Contrast : Cold-Warm, if outside is cold – inside your Ford is warm.

    The ice is for the concept of cold snowy Canadian winters, Ford drives fast and safe on ice in this commercial, it follows the plane = as powerful as a plane.

  • jhon1986

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