Ford Focus Orchestra Beautifully Arranged

The Ford Focus is being relaunched in the UK with an integrated campaign featuring an orchestra of 31 instruments assembled out of the parts of new Ford Focus. In what sounds like a conventional arrangement the group performs a piece of music accompanied by the text, “The new Ford Focus. Beautifully arranged.”

Instruments from Ford Orchestra

Instruments include the clutch guitar, ornamented with a backdrop from inside a door, a spike fiddle made from a rear suspension mount and a shock absorber, the Ford Fender bass made from fenders and a pillar/roof support, a Shockbone made from shock absorber parts, a Transmission Case Cello-Dulcimer, a Window Frame harp, an Opera Frame harp, an Opera Window violin, a dijeruba (combination dijeridu and tuba).

Click on the image below to play the video.


Ode to Ford was developed at Ogilvy & Mather, London, by executive creative director Greg Burke, art director Dom Sweeney, planner Stephen Wallace. Media was planned by Vanessa de Magalhaes at Mindshare.

Filming in Los Angeles was shot by Noam Murro via Biscuitand Independent.

Post production was done at The Mill, London. Editor was Avi Oron, Bikini Edit.

Transmission Case Dulcimer Cello from Ford Orchestra

Music was composed for the Ford Orchestra by film composer Craig Richey. Sound was designed by Bill Milbrodt, New York, known for his transformation of a second hand Honda Accord into the instruments of Honda A Chord. See the Car Music Project. The fabrication processes of the Ford Focus instruments were overseen by Ray Faunce III in his studio in Bucks County PA. USA. For more details read the interview with Milbrodt at Create Digital Music. The Milbrodt instruments will begin the first leg of a European exhibit tour in the spring of 2008.

Alesha Dixon

And just in case the orchestra arrangement is too high brow for the British public, Strictly Come Dancing winner Alesha Dixon has recorded a song with members of the new Ford Orchestra.

Click on the image below to play the video.