Ford Fiesta Zeitgeist in Berlin

Ford has launched a television commercial for the Fiesta, known as “Zeitgeist” and “This is Now”. The 60 second spot shows a Ford Fiesta traveling through the streets of Berlin, keeping pace with screens featuring a range of visual arts. A range of screens travel through the streets and parks of Berlin at night, featuring video art from 29 different film directors, accompanied by “Transient”, a track by Swedish group, Pluxus. Finally the screens morph to a red Ford Fiesta. “This is now”.

Ford Fiesta screens


The Zeitgeist campaign was developed at Ogilvy London by executive creative director Greg Burke, copywriter Dom Sweeney, art director John Crozier and agency producer James Brook Partridge.

Filming was shot in Berlin by director Noah Harris via Blinkink with directors of photography Alex Barber and Toby Howell, producers Andrew Studholme, Georgina Fillmore, and Bart Yates.

Post production was done at Framestore, London, and Superfad, Los Angeles, by producer Michael Stanish, head of 3D Commercials Dan Seddon, VFX artist Paul O’Brien, technical directors Michele Fabbro and Jabed Khan, smoke artist Tim Greenwood, senior colorist David Ludlam.

Editor was Sam Sneade at Speade. Content editor was Benjamin Ducroz. The 26 televisions, used in the 12 night shoot in Berlin, were manufactured by Artem, London.

Music was supervised by Major Tom, London.

Content directors were Carl Burgess, Chris Hewwitt, Maxim Zhestov, Rachel Thomas, Blip Boutique, Alex Turvy, Nicky Yates, Kristofer Strom, Chrissie MacDonald, David Wilson, Chris Angelkov, Noah Harris, Dan Tobin Smith, Ben Ducruz, Squint Opera, Dan Mumford, Lucia Morton, Jesica Bonham, Andy Foreshaw, Adam Tickle, Harry Akakpo, Hana Kim, Sasha Tugolok, Sharon Green, Page Tsou, Nuno Santos, Nathan Atia, Freddie Yauer, Katie Anne Harrison.

Alex Turvey, one of the featured directors, created three unique scenes for the commercial. He built a four-foot rotating glitter heart and then exploded large volumes of glitter from a compressed air rig directly at a kissing couple who had been painted matt black.

Click on the image below to play the video.