Five Years Old Today

Five years ago today I wrote my first post on what has grown to become The Inspiration Room Daily. Back on Friday September 26, 2003, I launched Duncan’s Ad Land at with a post on Fallon, EDS Cat Herders and BMW Films. The site moved to in March 2006 on a self-hosted WordPress platform. In August 2008 I moved the content of what had become five blogs (TV Ads, Print, Interactive, Politics and Music Videos) to this address,, joining forces with the team behind The Inspiration Room.

Five Years of headers for Duncan's TV Ad Land and The Inspiration Room Daily

Thanks to all the people who have visited this site. I remember being quite encouraged when I discovered 100 people had visited the site on one day. That stimulated me to keep researching and posting. And now the site can be visited by anywhere between 3000 and 5000 people a day!

I’ve appreciated the comments people have left on the site. Since moving to this new address I’ve had the privilege of going back over every post to update images, tidy up layout and remove advertising. What has impressed me time and time again is the capacity this kind of site has for the creators of brands to have feedback from not only the creative industry but also members of the public.

Over five years I’ve seen a growing appreciation of advertising and design as art forms. The growth of online archives, along with informative production company sites, has increased the profile of the artists behind campaigns, including photographers, illustrators, composers, VFX artists, sound designers and so on. Going to the movies you can choose to stay and see the credits. But because of the nature of the 30 second TV ad, music video and print advertising, there’s little room for credit.

I’ve seen the rise of incredibly helpful online archives such as Ads of the World (thanks Ivan), Best Ads on TV (thanks Brian and Michael), the Russian triad of Adme/Advertolog/Coloribus, alongside the earlier Adcritic (now Creativity Online at Advertising Age) and Adforum. Advertising blogs have grown in number and quality from the early days when Adland (thanks Aask Waeppling) could easily organize the Battle of the Ad Blogs.

I see the future of blogs such as this continuing the trend towards collaboration between mainstream press, the industry and individual artists. After all, it is now very easy to brand yourself as an individual, with a web site that outshines the company for which you work.

The Inspiration Room Daily is here for the long haul, though no doubt there will be further transformations. The development of YouTube as a medium changed the capacity to quickly spread creative work around the world. Who knows what new developments will help us cross new frontiers?

See my earlier post on possibilities for the future of this site, written in January 2008.

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