Fantastic Noodles Pimp My Kettle

Fantastic Snacks are being promoted in Australia with a print, video and online campaign, “”. Viewers and readers are invited to, into the pimped-up, tricked-out crazy world of kettle pimping, where pro customisers turn everyday kettles into steaming works of art. It’s a take off the MTV show, Pimp My Ride, in which beat up cars are transformed into works of art.

Pimp My kettle into Darth Vader

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I’m wondering if this will be a case for Viacom to pursue. The company’s not too keen on the “Pimp My” franchise moving too far away from the original premise.

Pimp My kettle into Darth Vader

Pimp My kettle into Darth Vader


The Pimp My Kettle campaign was developed at Clemenger BBDO Adelaide, Australia, by creative directors Greg Knagge, Geoff Robertson, art director Adam Johnson, copywriter Matt O’Grady, ad photographer Derek Swalwell.

  • They paid MTV cold hard cash one way or another.

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