Fall Out Boy and Nokia in I Don’t Care Music Video

American pop punk band Fall Out Boy has released their new music video for “I Don’t Care”, the first single from their fifth studio album Folie à Deux. The music video has produced some heat as it appears Island Records and members of the band have not seen eye to eye on the extent of product placement of Nokia mobile phones in the first edit released on iTunes on Thursday September 25.

Fall Out Boy in Nokia Phone

The video starts with the band walking into a room during a concert, to be mocked by an older generation of rock stars. “What the hell happened to Rock and Roll? Eyeliner? Energy drinks? And no guitar solos?” And so begins the satirical treatment of the bad boy rock star persona. Joe Trohman (lead guitarist) plays the part of a flasher on the streets. Patrick Stump (lead vocalist) callously steals an old man’s walker. Pete Wentz (bass guitarist) ruins a mime artist’s routine. Andy Hurley (drummer) joins in a kick boxing fight on the pavement and smashes a little girl’s ice cream on the ground. Patrick and Joe throw water balloons. Pete and Patrick dress as nuns to steal from a store. Joe and Pete steal from a female busker.

Lyricist Pete Wentz takes a shot at celebrity arrogance with the lyrics of the chorus, “I don’t care what you think as long as it’s about me. The best of us can find happiness in misery”. The video ends with characters in the video removing their masks (Mission Impossible 3 style) to reveal alternative characters. Spencer Pratt, Mark Hoppus, Pharrell, Gabe Saporta and Sarah Palin (the woman behind the mocking rock star) all make an appearance.

Click on the image below to play the video.

Fall Out Boy in Nokia Phone
Fall Out Boy in Nokia Phone

Pete’s Rant

Bassist Pete Wentz, the member of the band most involved in editing with the production team, wrote a post on his blog expressing his concern that the iTunes video he’d been waiting for was not the one he’d signed off on. The appearance of phones in the music video is consistent with earlier work for Fall Out Boy. What appears to be at stake is the lack of consultation about the inclusion of extra shots.

“This (blog post) will probably end up deleted either by me or someone else but the version of the video that we worked on night after night is not the version that aired. Yet somehow a cut full of glorious camera phone shots did. Just to let you know. It doesn’t make any sense to us. That bag of money is being donated straight to a cause far more worthy.”

The cause, from the clues provided by Wentz, is Vote No on 8, is the fight against California Proposition 8, the Eliminates Right of Same-Sex Couples to Marry Act.


The I Don’t Care music video was directed by Alan Ferguson via Frank The Plumber and Anonymous Content, with producer Melissa Larsen and editor Farah Khalid. Visual effects were developed at Skulley FX