Fairytales Save the Children in Spain

Save the Children Fund in Spain used fairy tales in 2007 to recruit volunteers for the organisation’s work among disadvantaged children. Rather than Alice in Wonderland, we have Lucy in Nightmareworld. And instead of Snow White being protected by seven dwarves, we have Claire stalked by seven wicked witches.

Lucy in Nightmareland

These versions of the posters have English translations:

“Some children have it harder than others. Here at Save the Children we fight for the rights of world’s most disadvanteged children. And to do this we need volunteers like you. Save the children. For further information www.savethechildren.es

In Spanish:

“Algunos niños la pasan peor que otros. Aquí­ en Save the Children luchamos por los derechos infantiles de los niños en condiciones desfavorecidas. Para hacer esto necesitamos voluntarios como tú. Salva a los niños.”

Clare and the Seven Witches


The Fairytale campaign was developed at Contrapunto Barcelona, Spain, by creative directors Tomás Oliva and Manuel Padilla, art director Deny Zatariano, copywriter Emma Piquer, and illustrator Carlos Ruano.

via Osocio and MASR.

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