Experiential Marketing at Fine Food Expo

Custom exhibition stand company Xhibitionist took a new approach with their client Simplot at the Melbourne Fine Food expo this year, transforming their space into an open restaurant, complete with fully functional kitchen.

Simplot stand at Melbourne Food Expo

Xhibitionist, a company based in Sydney, Australia, focuses on creating experiential marketing approaches for their clients, helping to set up immediate “first impression” product trials. Using this approach, Xhibitionist helped Simplot attract the attention of passers by with delicious aromas flowing from the stand’s in-built kitchen. Taste testing was offered to continue the experience of the public. The result was a very successful expo for Simplot.

Simplot stand at Melbourne Food Expo

Xhibitionist is a full service custom exhibition stand design company, offering marketing help through from design, manufacture and construction, through to site management.

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