Everybody’s Senator in Wisconsin

Robert Gerald Lorge, the Republican candidate in the November 2006 Senate election in Wisconsin, demonstrates how to deliver a low budget advertising online campaign with no results. Lorge took the line “Everybody’s Senator, Especially Yours!”, appealing to his status of a man without money (in contrast to ranch owner Herb Kohl), his antipathy towards China, North Korea and Iran, and the use of animals as spokespersons. Kohl won the 2006 election with 67 percent of the vote, with Lorge winning almost 30 percent.

Lorge Cowboys


Lorge the cowboy tells the bartender that Kohl is Nobody’s Senator At All is in the WC doing Nothing At All.

Communist China and Korea

Lorge warns viewers that while Christianity and Islam battle it out in the West, communist China is building an empire in the East.

Animals Give Kohl an F

Lorge enlists the help of a cow, a dog and a cat to get his message through.

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