Evening Primrose Oil for a less turbulent time of the month

Evening Primrose Oil is being promoted as an for PMT in a series of print advertisements from Australia. Mini tornados obscure birds-eye views of a carpark, a housing estate and a camping ground. We’re given a link to www.lifetimehealth.com.au

Turbulence in carpark for Primrose Oil print ad

Turbulence in house for Primrose Oil print ad
Turbulence in holiday park for Primrose Oil print ad

Evening primrose oil contains an essential fatty acid called gamma linolenic acid that is needed for the synthesis of a hormone called prostaglandin. Evening primrose oil is believed to improve symptoms including premenstrual headaches, depression, irritability, bloating, breast pain and tenderness.


The Primose Oil series was developed at Ward 6, Sydney by creative director Hugh Fitzhardinge, creative director/art director Grant Foster, art directors Hamish Grieve and Richard Price.