Elba Appliances Just Do What They Should

Elba appliances, made by Fisher and Paykel in New Zealand, are simple machines, with no flash bits or complicated functions. They just do what they should, which is cook food, chill food, clean dishes, wash and dry clothes. That’s very simple, compared to the designer products also being put out by Fisher & Paykel. The TV advertising campaign for Elba shows that no matter what you might think, Elba appliances won’t save you, romance you, or stab you to death. They’re just appliances, and they just do what they should.

Elba Shower scene

The Elba washing machine appears in a reference to Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho shower scene. Music is used to build suspense as a man walks from the shower to the laundry. Click on the image below to play the Shower video.

A woman finds herself in a precarious situation when trying to retrieve her hat from the tree next to her balcony. Will the dishwasher come to the rescue? Click on the image below to play the Hat video.

A man in military uniform stops his taxi, runs back into the house to see the Elba fridge one more time… Click on the image below to play the Homecoming video.


The Elba campaign was developed at Colenso BBDO, Auckland, by executive creative directors Richard Maddocks and Nick Worthington, creative director Steve Cochran, copywriters/art directors Kimberley Ragan and Rebecca Johnson Pond, and agency producer Jen Storey.

Filming was shot by Miles Murphy via Goodoil Films with director of photography Adam Clark and producer Claire Richards.

Animation was done at DMG (Department of Motion Graphics) by Lindsey Redding. Editing was done by Jonathan Venz and Fiona Hayden. Sound was designed at Liquid Studios.