Duracell Robots Last Longer

And… one more Duracell campaign from South Africa. It’s a similar concept to that just reviewed in the Volkswagen Crash Test Dummies series reviewed yesterday, but applied to battery-run robots. What happens when robots retire? They play lawn bowls, sit around knitting and reading the newspaper, and take slow strolls, all powered by Duracell Plus. A fourth in the series is set in a bingo hall (thanks David). Which raises the question, is this series more about listening to others go on and on? The beauty of art is that interpretation lasts longer, much longer.

Duracell Robots playing Lawn Bowls

Duracell Robots playing Lawn Bowls

Duracell Robots strolling

Duracell Robots in classroom


The Duracell robots ads were developed at Ogilvy South Africa, Johannesburg by creative directors Fran Luckin and Gerry Human, art director Martjie Louw and copywriter Taryn Scher. Photographer was Michael Lewis.