DuPont Open Science

DuPont (E. I. du Pont de Nemours and Company) is being promoted as the Open Science company with a television commercial integrating miniatures, CG and live action. The Open Science spot opens with the reconstruction of a Kansas town devastated by a tornado. A remote village is lit by solar power. Cars in a parking lot float into the air to demonstrate the light materials used for their construction. A field of corn finishes the advertisement with an invitation to visit

Dupont Carpark


The Open Science campaign was developed at Ogilvy, New York, by worldwide creative director David Fowler, creative director Jim Nolan, art director Kanad Banerjee, copywriter Michael Demos, executive producer Lee Weiss, and senior producer Be Garrett.

Filming was shot by Gaelle Denis via Stink with executive producer Daniel Bergman and line producer Tracey Cooper.

Editor was Paul Hardcastle via Trim, London.

Visual effects were produced at MassMarket, New York, by executive producer Justin Lane, VFX producers Rich Rama and Rasha Clark, assistant producer Kay Chen, lead Flame artist Jamie Scott, junior Flame artists Jeen Lee and Dan Boujoulian, lead CG artist Andreas Berner, CG artists Cody Chen, Kitty Lin, Jordan Blit, Iggy Ayestaran, Lee Wolland, Jonah Friedman, Marco Iozzi, Previz artist Jim Hundertmark, lead designer Anh Vu, designer Pete Sickbert-Bennett, with tracking by Joerg Liebold, Joon Park, Jeen Lee.

Dupont Kansas scene

The first two scenes were largely shot in miniature, with the third and fourth mostly in CG. The MassMarket team aimed to make them all feel seamless and integrated, with a cohesive blend of miniature and CG.

CG cranes, cars, and some houses were added to the stop motion animation in the Kansas scene, along with live action people walking along the sidewalks. The Village scene was enhanced with the addition of computer generated lights, sky and clouds, along with live action silhouettes of people in the windows. Still frames of miniature elements were incorporated into the foreground building in the car park scene and the small shacks in the corn field. Live action people are used in the Car Park scene, picnicking, walking and flying kites.

The two miniature sets were built at Shepperton Studios in England . The team of four animators spent about a day and a half meticulously destroying the Kansas town little by little, using scaffolding in between each of the 50 shots.