Dunkelziffer Tentacles Creeping Us Out for sake of Child Safety

German agency Dunkelziffer has released a disturbing PSA reminding viewers of the long term effects of sexual abuse on children, throughout their lives. Girls and women in the TV ad have their space invaded by long hairy phallic slug-like tentacles.

Girl threatened by tentacle of abuse

“If sexually abused children never get help, they never outgrow their trauma.” We’re shown the ways in which memories are triggered by the reading of a fairytale, mention of an uncle, the touch of a lover…

Click on the image below to play the video in YouTube


The Tentacle ad was developed at Red Rabbit, Hamburg, by creative directors Oliver Seltmann and Jan Fröscher, copywriters/art directors Joakim Reveman, Bjoern Ruehmann, Matthew Branning.

Filming was shot by The Vikings, via Rokkit, London, with director of photography Sam Brown, editor Paul Hardcastle at Trim, and producer Luke Jacobs. Sound was designed at 750 mph.

  • Kristen Cope

    wow what was that thing crawling on them girls in that video

    • jamie dame

      it was a full grown penis

    • Uncle Bob…. =(

  • alexsandra

    this is so sad the person who ever would do that is a very sick ass they need to die if they get caught

  • melissa

    i think its great that you guys are makeing it clear what children do go through when there is abuse. thank you

  • kerri,sian.

    that is sick that poeple can do that to little girls even older girls its sick why would you do it? but when people do it they get life in jail, WOW only like 20 year they dont deservise to even live we need the elitric chair back!!!!

    • annonomos persona

      But think,if they bring back the electric chair,bad people will get a quick death and that is not fair.if they make a person suffer for the rest of thier life,shouldn’t they just have to suffer and be left to rot in a jail,rather then a death.the choices make death seem like mercy killing.

    • Laura Marcell

      Think of it this way: life in prison means an entire lifetime of being violated by their fellow prisoners they way they violated those children.

  • Anon

    Awesome ah

  • Chloe

    THAT IS SICK. I give props to you guys for putting that out there, but anyone who would do that to a little girl is SICK.

  • Mackenzie

    why do the gorls see the slug like things when they are sexually abused?

    • It’s not to be taken literally. The slug like creatures are a metaphor for creepy invasion of a person’s space.

  • nasha09


  • Terry

    I’d like to share a personal story. It’s really worth the read because then you will get a better understanding for the cause and the reason we need your help.

    Firstly, picture a child, a young little girl, blonde long hair, a face as perfect as a porcelain doll, she’s vibrant, full of life, as innocent as a child can be, despite being abandoned by her natural mother, she lives in an orphanage, but she’s such a happy little girl, she’s observing and absorbing the natural beauty that life has to offer, learning new lessons with ever step, when she reached the “terrible two’s” she was incredibly cute, inquisitive and a mischievous little terror. By this age she has learnt how to run and talk, and she would want to tell you everything. Every second of her day is an adventure. Despite her continuous need to breath in life that is exploding around her, if you actually sit and watch a child, it is truly the most educating and rewarding experience you could ever imagine, children’s energy is electrifying, their tiny bodies, so full of life, their laughter is intoxicating and their innocence is naïve and uncorrupted and as parents we teach our children to respect their elders and to do as they are told in order to be able to set boundaries and enforce discipline, and all the while, this is something all responsible and loving parents do for their children.
    Sadly this little girl’s naive concept of love was shown by obeying her “parents or an adult”, and when an adult tells that little girl that she is the most beautiful child in the world, and the love he has for her is something so special, she is compelled to believe it, because her “weekend Daddy” said so, and he’s the first real Dad she ever knew, because she never met her own Daddy, he ran away when he found out she was going to be brought into the world, so when her new Dad deludes her into false security and he feels the need to steal the innocence of that little girl away by sexually penetrating that tiny child’s body, tearing her in places she has not even learnt the use for, she lied to her new Mommy and said she slipped on the slide and hurt herself, “Daddy said everyone would believe it if I stuck to that story and it worked like magic, even though I was always told by the nuns that you should never lie, truth is, no one suspected a thing, “Daddy” would not get into trouble now, and he will still love me. With tears streaming down her face, he tells her he’s sorry if his love hurts her, but he can’t help loving her, so much so, that he can’t just have her as “Daddy’s little girl” he loves her in such a special way that no one can ever know about, it’s his secret love for his little girl, and if she ever tells “Mommy” or anybody at the orphanage, then they will take her away from him and she will be forced to stay alone at the orphanage, then no one will love her.
    Whilst the Love become a lot more frequent and very overwhelming, her little inexperienced body learnt to stretch to accommodate his continuous penetration, she hid the tears because she knew he would be hurt to see her cry, after all, all he was doing was loving his little girl in a way that no one ever could. Over time she accepted that that was the way people showed love, and when the man who took the children to camps from the orphanage also touched the girls, she knew it was all ok, because “Daddy” said it’s a very special kind of love, so even though it hurt her really bad sometimes, she felt like the luckiest little girl alive to now have two “Daddy’s” who love her so very much… This carried on until she was 12years old, because after her own Mommy got married, her new Daddy also wanted to love her in the same way, but by this time, She had enough of “Daddy’s Love” and put a stop to all the “special love” they showered their little girl with. Now the reason you are reading this story is because I am that little girl, I’m a survivor of sexual, physical and emotional abuse. But through my “Special Love” I’ve managed to now help other little girls, who feel just as vulnerable and alone as I did, despite the pain, the anger and the disgust I had to face and deal with over the years, that happened to me for a reason, it is because of that nauseating, manipulated, fraudulent, twisted love that SA Abused Children was born, and now I get to help thousands of other children who face the same pain I did, and the irony of it all… the one thing I truly ever wished for… The one and only thing I ever wanted more in this world than anything else… I just wanted be “Daddy’s little girl”
    Once a victim, but now an activist…
    Terry, South Africa

  • theepath

    This porn sucks

    • martin

      you think this is funny? maybe you were looking for hentai, but in it’s context this video is meant to illustrate a very bad thing. something that should never happen. the porn joke was extremely distasteful.

      • lol`d

        Quit taking the internet so serious.

  • martin

    these things need to be shown to people in order to make them aware of those situations. i am not amused by the content but as a graphic designer, i am impressed not only by the powerful message of awareness, but the creativity and execution.

  • Jeffrey Priess

    I really liked this ad. Not only did it really make me feel uncomfortable, it really brought out the other message of things eating away at someone’s soul. to the grave…. really dark, but a strong message, never-the-less. There is no pretty picture way to talk to people about sexual abuse of kids… its ugly.

  • sammi

    omg i was like that b4 my dad did the same thing to me and i still cant get over it

  • Jitka

    This ad is very true. Sometimes it’s completely random, the memories bombarding you without any real trigger, and it never really goes away. Thank you.

  • DK

    this short 1min 40sec film describes the life of a victim so well to the extent it brings back so much memories and emotions to the victim.

    I understand the symbolism of the tentacle in the video.

    And yes I think it will follow victims until they die most of the time.

    But I don’t want to live like that. I don’t want to die like that.
    I am sure everyone would feel the same as I do.

    I am really not sure how I can be free from the tentacle.