Duncans TV Evolving

Over the next few weeks you’ll see a few changes here at Duncans.TV. First up is the Gathering – bringing together material from all the subdomains and incorporating them in one blog. So rather than this blog focusing purely on TV Ads, we now have 2608 posts on TV ads, print (press and outdoor), interactive and music videos. Further categories will include design and short films.

Duncans TV Swirl

I’ve dropped the Politics/Propaganda blog experiment, opting instead to include any creative advertising in that field here. The Shakespeare in Film blog (started as a joint project with my wife) will head off to a new domain, shakespearefilms.com.

Future Posts

Up to now I’ve been posting an average of five posts a day, two TV ads, two print ads, and another. I’ll maintain that rhythm here – with a regular update on new work as well as the occasional review of a classic campaign. As time permits, I’ll be including shorter posts with news on up-to-the-moment breaking campaigns.


I’ve taken the Adsense ads off the main index page, leaving them on the single posts and archives.

I’m working on a new WordPress template. You’ll see a few experiments with design in the next few weeks. Any feedback is welcome.

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