Duncan’s TV Now Inspiration Room Daily

For those who have been visiting this site over the last few weeks you’d have noticed a gradual transformation of Duncan’s TV Ad Land, morphing into The Inspiration Room Daily. I’ve written my last post at www.duncans.tv. From today on, this blog is being hosted at www.theinspirationroom.com/daily

Duncan Macleod blogger

The Inspiration Room is a newly established site, still in development, providing a space for people in the creative industry to share their work and be inspired for more. Duncan’s TV has basically moved over here to become the Inspiration Room blog.

I’ll be continuing to post just as regularly as before, but with the benefit of working in a team. The Inspiration Room Daily will continue with reviews of television commercials, print campaigns, interactive sites and music videos. In addition the site will be covering design, trends in the creative industry, and whatever it takes to get people inspired about creativity.

Updated Feed for the Inspiration Room: http://theinspirationroom.com/daily/feed/

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