Drug Driving Tests in Queensland

Queensland Transport has launched a street advertising campaign this week reminding young drivers that police are conducting random drug tests on drivers. Police will conduct random roadside drug tests to detect any presence of THC (delta-9-tetrahydrocannibinol) – the active ingredient in cannabis/marijuana, methylamphetamine, also known as speed and ice, and MDMA (3 4-methylenedioxymethamphetamine) the active ingredient in ecstasy.

Ecstasy Traffic Lights

Marijuana Police Lights

Driving on Speed or Ice?


This is the street press component of a campaign launched in November 2007 which has included radio, street activity and internet pop ups. The Drug Driving Test campaign was developed at Junior, Brisbane, by creative director Steve Minon, copywriter Misha McDonald, and art director Sharon Edmonston.

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  • Chris

    This reeks of scare tactics. Informative? No. Good ads? Yes.

    Still, the question remains….how long do I have to have been not stoned for before I can drive? We all know the ubiquitous .05 for alcohol…why don’t we know the measure for drugs? All quiet on the western front.

    And as for the tagline because [enough is enough] conjours images of fat men in rooms beating scared people up.

  • online driving practice

    The Drug Driving Test campaign was developed at Junior, Brisbane, by creative director Steve Minon because its mandatory , taking drug while driving is a big s crime so govt pass this rule of drug driving test.

  • Tony

    The only problem with this is that THC can stay in the body’s system for 30 days.. so even if you are not high but still show positive for THC even tho you got high a week ago it’s still grounds for arrest while under the influence..

    That is where the problem is.. There is no real way to test if the driver is actually high at that time… Since its not illegal to smoke it and have THC in your system then that means the drug test fails. If they can’t find a better way to test for THC levels then the test is a no win situation for the driver even if hes completely sober.