Droga5 in NYC and Sydney

Droga5, the advertising agency founded in New York City by David Droga in 2006, is today’s Site of the Day. Perhaps the most fun part of the www.droga5.com site is the opening page. Refresh your page and time after time you’ll be treated to a selection of photography from the Droga5 staff cameras.

Droga5 Site

D5 takes viewers to “About Us”, the usual broad overview enhanced by a selection of portfolios of extra passions and projects from staff. There’s Scott Witt’s photography, Duncan Marshall’s scribbles, Matty Burton’s Refill magazine, Mindy Liu’s tattoos, Kevin Brady’s “The Life of Quinn”, and so on.

Work includes material from the UNICEF TAP Project, Marck Ecko’s Air Force One graffiti stunt, the Net 10 Supervillains series, Steinlager’s Win Nick’s Life campaign, New Museum, and Balance Water packaging design.

Case study videos give the background on the UNICEF TAP Project, the *eckĊ unltd stunt, the development of Honeyshed online advertising channel, NYC Department of Education Million campaign, Steinlager Meet Nick, and the New Museum design project.

In contrast to agencies like Mother London, Droga5 has no hesitation in celebrating the identities, roles and personalities of their staff. They’re listed in alphabetical order, with photographs and profiles. Interestingly enough, because the site is constructed in Flash, none of these profiles is likely to turn up in the search engines. So here’s the list for the sake of anyone looking….

The New York team, at this point, includes art director Maria Abella, account manager Julia Albu, project manager Deanna Amann, art director Jeff Anderson, director of digital services Craig Batzofin, head of strategy Jonny Bauer, assistant Berit Baugher (Andrew Wessex), producer Thomas Beug, senior creative Brennan Boblett, creative director Kevin Brady, director print service Jenn Candelario, Amanda Clelland, director of broadcast Sally-Ann Dale, founder/creative chairman David Droga, CEO Andrew Essex, account manager Amanda Foderaro, copywriter Scott Ginsberg, print producer Nanette Gutierrez, art director Jesse Juriga, HR/office director Erika Kipreos, creative director Alex Lea, PA Mindy Liu, print production artist Rob Lugo, executive creative director Duncan Marshall, producer Dana May, animation designer Paul McGeiver, CFO Judd Merkel, interactive media designer Rich Minkoff, assistant project manager Cara Muzik, creative director Ben Nott, digital producer David Ross, executive creative director Ted Royer, art director Juan Saucedo, copywriter Isaac Silverglate, print production artist Van Studivant, studio artist Chris Thomas, account director Natalie Troubh, art director January Vernon, lawyer Scott Waldbaum, print producer Kim Williams, creative director of digital media Scott Witt.

The Droga5 Sydney site includes profiles for managing director/partner Marianne Bess, senior art director Cam Blackley, senior digital producer Stafford Bosak, senior strategic planner Fabio Buresti, senior creative Matty Burton, strategic planning director/partner Sudeep Gohil, executive driver Marcus Johnston, account manager Nicolas Kettelhake, account executive Lucy McBurney, copywriter Neil McGuirk, CFO Wayne McPhee, business director Steven Muller, creative chairman David Nobay, creative director Ben Nott, art director Ben Smith, and finance manager Ursula Tompkins.

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