Drinkwise Kids in Drink Cycle

Drinkwise Australia, an organisation promoting a more responsible drinking culture, is challenging Australian adults to consider the impact their behaviour is having on younger Australians.

Drinkwise Kids

Although drinking alcohol is often regarded as a ‘rite of passage’ for young people, it is important for parents to know that they have the power to have a positive influence on their children’s future drinking behaviour. “Kids absorb your drinking”.

Snags, for non-Australian viewers, are sausages for the barbecue.

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The Drink Cycle ad was developed at Clemenger BBDO, Melbourne, by executive creative director James McGrath, creative director Ant Keogh, art director Tom Martin, agency producer Sevda Cemo.

Filming was shot by Mark Molloy via Exit Films, Melbourne.

Editor was Jack Hutchings at The Butchery.

Post production was done at Digital Pictures. VFX were produced at Iloura by Flame operator Chris Bettertidge, VFX supervisor Julian Dimsey and producer Magdalena Bisogni.

  • deadthevideo

    In 1987, the Partnership For A Drug-Free America ran a PSA. The ad showed a father slamming his son for taking drugs. In his defence, the boy yells ‘I learned it from watching you!’, hinting that the dad was a drug addict. The point being that children observe what’s going on around and have no way of telling what’s right and what’s wrong. Because of this, they can pick up a parent’s bad habits. In this case, the bad habit is alcoholism. Alcohol is a drug and if taken in excess can cause harm. Children can’t tell right from wrong, but parents can. It is up to them to show an amount of responsibility when around children, and that means not getting drunk. When a person is drunk, they become a totally different person. They can turn from mild-mannered to violent. Alcohol can control a person and can take hold of them like a boa constrictor. Parents should do the best for their children, and that means enjoy alcohol in moderation.