Drew Europeo Online

Drew Europeo, a graphic designer in the Philippines, has her site featured today as Site of the Day. www.dreweuropeo.com features the commercial collaboration done by Drew on a number of web sites and brand launches.

Drew Europeo Image

Drew has been drawing most of her life, but moved from paper to the digital medium in 2000. She studied fine arts major with a major in advertising at University of Santo Tomas, PH. Her first break was being hired to do graphic design for local television station ABS-CBN, working on the sites for their shows and programs. Drew is a co-founder of Philweavers, a national organization of web designers and developers.

Today we feature three of Drew’s collaborative series, Epson Pro, Folded and Hung, and MTV.

Epson Pro

Drew Europeo was recently honoured as a graphic designer by Epson Philippines, in a program featuring the top professionals in the arts, photography and graphic design industry. Her work commissioned for the Epson Pro exhibition was mostly inspired by organics and movements.

Beyond the Static Space 1

“Beyond the Static Space is a series about random things that were gathered to form certain shapes, flow and texture. Even if the pieces are just static, there’s something about it that will make you see that there are a lot of movements going on. It’s initially chaotic but somehow your eyes will lead you to a harmonic order. The colors give the mood, but the piece as a whole, provokes a palate of emotions. Given the concept behind the series, I would say everything is indefinite. I work thru my emotions, so whatever the piece will lead me that’s how the flow of the artwork will be. Each lines, shapes and colors were dictated by random feelings while I’m zoning in to a certain space. With some music, atmosphere and visuals that surrounds me, those were definitely a huge influence to my work.”

Folded and Hung

Drew collaborated with another designer to develop a web site for Philippines fashion Folded and Hung.

Folded and Hung

MTV Awards

Drew’s work for the MTV Filipinas in 2005, with screens for each award, remains one of her favourites.

MTV Award screens by Drew Europeo

Look out for Drew’s next art series featured on her personal work site, www.grafikas.com, coming out some time in December. Although it appears as though each series comes out on an annual basis, Drew describes the timing as being linked with “every time lightning strikes me”.

Also see Drew’s portfolio online here at The Inspiration Room.