Dove Individuals in Chocumentaries

Dove Chocolate is being introduced to Australia in individually wrapped pieces, promoted in a campaign featuring DOVE Individuals Pam Nesia and Em Ocean. The campaign features the mad chocoholic obsessions of individual women who just cannot resist Dove Individuals.

Dove Individuals and Pam Nesia and  Em Ocean

Pam Nesia

Pam Nesia eats chocolate to forget. Her boyfriend Alexandre explains that it began when Pam’s gynaecologist tells her he was in her English class at school. But now she forgets the little things, like what happens after the first phrase of Beethoven’s Fur Elise. It comes in handy after embarrassing incidents such as sending a photograph of her nipple piercing to the staff instead of Alexandre. A delightful spot with flavours of 50 First Dates.

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Em Ocean

Em Ocean eats chocolate when she’s feeling emotional. She’s now found ways to create the need for chocolate however, by attending graveside funerals and random weddings. “I’ll be OK”, she says.

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The Dove Individuals campaign was developed at CumminsNitro, Melbourne, by executive creative director Sean Cummins, copywriter Matthew Page, art director Carolyn Davis, account manager Cheuk Chiang, and agency producer Jill Wheeler.

Filming was shot by James Pilkington via The Sweet Shop, NZ, with director of photography Ian McCarroll, producer Lynette Gordon, editor Tim Mauger.

Post production was done at Oktobor, Auckland. Music was coordinated by Karl Richter at Level Two Music, Melbourne. Sound was designed by Phil Kenihan at Front of House, Melbourne.